My favorite dry skin treatments for you and your pup!

Have you ever noticed in the winter your lips tend to get chapped, and your skin, in general, gets really dry? You may have also noticed that your dogs nose has become increasingly chapped as well? Some dog breeds are predisposed to dry noses – pugs are one of them, but boxers and bulldogs are other breeds who’s noses tend to get very dry and chapped!
Weather is not the only reason for dry skin though, sensitivities to plastic bowls can also cause your pup to have a dry/chapped nose. (Disclaimer: there are disorders of the skin that need veterinary dermatologist intervention. If you are concerned you should always bring your dog to your veterinarian).
For the purpose of this post, I will be talking about something called Nasodigital Hyperkeratosis. If you google it, you can find lots of icky pictures of dog noses and paw pads with crusts that are called keratin.
This keratin tends to accumulate on the edges of the paw pads and the top of the nose. My pug seems to get this condition a little more during the winter months – which is what prompted this post!

It is important to note that this is not a life-threatening condition, but who wants an ugly nose? Plus it can’t be comfortable!!

I’ve tried many products to give my Charlie a smooth nose and I have come up with two that seem to work the best! Nose Butter, Snout Soother, and Vaseline! Yes, Vaseline!
I’ve actually consulted with the dermatologist that works at my job and she has told me to use Vaseline because it’s the base to all of the nose butter-like products anyway. I’ll tell you, we put Vaseline on Charlie’s nose and two days later his crusties fell off and he had a smooth beautiful nose!! Try it! And let me know how it goes!!

Now, “what about me” you ask!? First off I’d like to point out that most people get dry skin in the winter – I work at an animal hospital so I feel like we tend to get dry and chapped quicker because of all of the hand washing. Some of the things I’ve found that work best for me:
Vaseline Lip butter! Omg it’s my favorite!! Nivea Lip butter is also great too for chapped lips. For chapped hands, palmers cocoa butter, raw Shea butter, I choose Udderly smooth udder cream, raw Shea butter, and Palmers cocoa butter!

The thing about dry skin is you really just need to be preemptive, take care of your skin and your pups nose/toes and you will both be rewarded with soft skin!

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