31 Days of Clean Foods: Day 2

Day 2 started like every Tuesday starts: up at 5am, at the gym by 6am for Cardio kickboxing and some light weight work/bands and kettle bells. By about 45 minutes in my stomach started yelling at me so I was glad I planned ahead with one scoop of Metabolic Nutrition’s peanut butter cookie protein with 10oz of the chocolate milk I bought the day before! At 7am I left the gym with protein shake in hand to head home and get ready for a very a long day of work ahead of me. For about two days I haven’t been feeling very well so I was excited to get this day over with and hopefully start feeling better. I got home and walked the dogs, IMG_5220.JPGstill not feeling well but a little better – and much less rushed today, I got ready for work at headed in for 9am. At 11 am I took a short break for a quest bar – I’m glad I brought it because I really needed something and didn’t have a lot of time to make any of the food I brought since we were super busy today at work. We were all a bit behind so at 2 I had a 1/4 cup almonds and an apple because my lunch wasn’t going to be until later (at least after 3) and I was starting to get hungry. I finally had lunch at around 3:20. The doc I work for ordered us Chinese so I got steamed chicken and broccoli with plain white rice. I scooped out what looked about 1 cup, had about a cup of the chicken, and about 6 or 7 broccoli spears. It was filling, it was bland, but it was free lunch and pretty “clean” despite not making it myself. I brought steak and green beans to have too if I got hungry, and at the time I figured I’d probably have that around 6:30/7 when I left work and then planned to have a protein shake before bed.

I’m taking a sick day from work on Wednesday (Day3) because I really still am not feeling well so I’ll be resting and eating super bland/clean – white rice and chicken and sipping on chicken broth probably all day … Really need to kick this little cold in the butt.

So I didn’t get to eat my food at 6:30 like planned. I actually wasn’t very hungry until around 7:30, which was fine because I left work around that time. When I got home I had cream of rice (I usually measure this out to about 30-33g which keeps the carb gram at about 30-35g – a full serving is 45grams) with 1 scoop Metabokic Nutrition Peanut butter cookie protein and about 1.5 tbsp all natural Peanut butter. This is usually a pre-workout staple but it had been a few days since having it and it really is one of my favorite meals so I decided it’s what I wanted!
Then, I decided I wanted my other quest bar but thought it’s better for me to have real food so I had about 2oz of steak, ~1 cup of white rice (from lunch) and 1 cup of green beans. So, although it’s not ideal for me to eat two meals within an hour of each other, I wasn’t really hungry today and then when I got home my head started to hurt again so I wanted to make sure I was well fed, not that I wake up in the middle of the night and want to eat everything in the house. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep at around 9:15pm, woke up on the couch at around 1:30am, and then finally moved in to bed to finish out the rest of my night sleep.

All in all it was a pretty uneventful day, busy at work, but uneventful otherwise. That seems to be how it works out – you know, this thing we call life – it only seems to be eventful if we make it that way. Maybe it’s just me not being at 100% and maybe it’s me just having a boring day, but I feel good about the food I ate, I didn’t feel like I wanted anything other than what i had, and I was actually a bit hesitant to eat the Chinese but I remember that I have to not overcomplicate things and do the best I can!

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