31 days of clean foods: Day 3

So today I was off from work (sort of, more on that later) but I still got up at 5am for fasted cardio by 6am. I’m still taking too long to get out of the house but it’s definitely a work in progress and if I have to get up earlier, I will just have to do that. So, I decided the stairmill was a good idea today and I forced myself to stick it out despite wanting to take a 2 minute rest at around 35 minutes – I tried “positive self talk” and just told myself to keep going, work harder, and not to quit until the 45 minutes was up. I walked for about 10 minutes once I was finally done with what felt like the never ending 45 minutes of intervals on my friend/foe mr stairmill and headed home. Once home I ate my breakfast which consisted of about 32g of cream of rice, 1 scoop of Metabilic Nutrition Protizyme peanut butter cookie protein and 1/8 of a cup of almonds because I really just didn’t want…. Yes I said it… I didn’t want peanut butter.
At about 9:45 I decided I was hungry but it was probably bordum, and I had my other quest bar from the other day – not too bad, two bars lasted more than 2 days in my house (new world record?) and had already finished 2 liters of water by 10 am.

I took today off from work because I haven’t been feeling good and today is really no exception. I’m not 100% me and I don’t exactly know why – moments of dizziness and sinus pressure with a lovely headache to top it all off. I’m just kind of tired, but I don’t think it has anything to do with food, maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’s my body getting used to this “healthy” real food I’m eating. It’s only day 3 so I’m not sure how true that is. It’s interesting though because I got strep throat back before I did my initial body pump training and now, three days before AIM 1 I’ve been struck with the ick. Coinkeedink?

I’m reading this book called “The Sports Gene: inside the science of extraordinary athletic performance” by David Epstein. I’m only on chapter 5 but it’s very interesting, and helps get me through the 45 minutes on the stairmill without becoming overly bored.IMG_5241.JPGI love reading and learning new things, and as I become increasingly interested in sports nutrition and athleticism I find myself turning to sciencey books related to sports and how elite athletes become elite. I was leaving the gym today when I had a quick, but very good conversation with Phillippa, the woman who works the front desk at the gym that I both train at and teach Les Mills BodyPump. She said “you work at the animal hospital? I thought you were training for a crossfit competition, but I guess we all need a day job to get paid right?” I laughed and replied “I’ve always wanted to do crossfit but I just don’t have an extra 200$ a month right now” she went on to tell me that she competes (she said in what but I don’t remember as I was half dead from 45 minutes of fasted cardio) and that one day she decided to just close her eyes and go for it. I told her I feel like it’s my calling to do this, to be physically active in any capacity that I can be, and she said that I not only could, but SHOULD compete in the crossfit games. Of course that couldn’t just happen right off the bat – being that I’m inexperienced with everything that IS crossfit other than understanding some lingo, watching the 2014 games, and having a general idea through powerlifting, weight lifting, body pump, and other athletic sports I’ve had experience with – what it’s all about – it would be a long time until that happened – it was very interesting to hear from pretty much a perfect stranger that I not only have the body of a competitor but I seem to have the determination and drive to do so. How can someone see all that in one hour of watching me die on a stairmill and having a quick 5 minute conversation while she tried to run my card since my membership was 2 days overdue? (Oops!) How can someone who doesn’t know who I am until I say “I teach Bodypump on Sunday” get so much insight into what I’m capable of? Has she paid attention to me before? I mean, I’m in the gym everyday (or close to it). Potential … Determination … Drive … Bravery … It’s funny how my whole life I’ve always held myself back, this short conversation has really led me into deep thought of how much I let money or fear stop me from doing what I feel like I’m destined to do.
So many things running through my head – I’m entertaining the idea of getting my personal trainer certification so maybe I can take on some clients to save up for crossfit dues or more les mills certifications? I’m interested in the ISSA sports nutrition certification as well, and all the while I’m still interested in continuing with my vet tech career. Can someone be interested equally in two completely different fields? Can I find the time to train as much as I would like to and still be present at work the way I should be for my patients? It’s going to be interesting to see how 2015 plays out. I’m pretty sure in the next day or so I’m going to put together my list of what i want to accomplish in 2015. Most of the things on my 2014 list actually got done… I’m excited to sit down and get my thoughts together around what I want to do… I know that when I put my mind to it, I get it done… So let’s see what I can come up with 🙂 more on that at a later date though…
Moving on to the rest of my day…

Lunch was at around 12 and consisted of roughly 2 oz beef, 3 oz chicken, 1 cup green beans, 1 small ~ 120g sweet potato. Boy did that fill me up! I ate all the green beans first then the meat and I had the sweet potato without the skin!
I had a meeting at work at 2pm (hence me sort of being off) so I brought 1/8 cup almonds and an apple with me, and headed out to the meeting. The meeting wound up not starting promptly and I wound up having to wait so at around 2pm I ate the above mentioned snack. Our meeting finally started around 3-3:30 and was over around 4:50pm which worked out because I had been asked to cover a class for a fellow instructor at the gym who had a horrible migraine headache so I headed over to substitute teach body pump for her. Even though I haven’t really been feeling well, I made the decision to help her out since she seemed much sicker than me, plus we are like family so we help each other whenever needed! Class went well, and afterwards I saw this on the sign up sheet for the class!
IMG_5250.JPGwhich totally made me feel great, but I was hungry when it was over at 6:30pm. I couldn’t wait to get home and eat! Thank goodness I had prepared for dinner earlier in the week when I cooked up a LOT of chicken!
When I got home I heated dinner up and my hubby and I enjoyed baked chicken (4oz for me, unknown amount for hubs lol but 4-5 pieces of chicken breast so probably closer to 6-8 oz) seasoned with Himalayan salt and pepper, green beans (I had about a cup – his was half his enormous plate) and jasmine rice – half a cup for me, 1.5 cups for the hubs! After that I was still really hungry so I made a mug cake from 1 scoop Metabolic Nutrition Protizyme peanut butter cookie protein powder, 1 large brown egg, three raspberries and water. It was most definitely filling and made my tummy happy! Since I really didn’t eat anything from 2-7 I was feelings quite hungry, it’s funny because I mentioned twice that I was hungry today but it wasn’t at any point a trigger to binge – just eating to fuel my body which is awesome!

On another note I’m excited because my chocolate muscleegg came in today! I can’t wait until it’s thawed so I can get my chocolate “milk” on tomorrow!!!

I also should mention that I’ve been taking all of my supplements except the omegas at dinner, I really need to get better about this! (For full list of supplements see Day 1 blog).

Time for bed….

2 thoughts on “31 days of clean foods: Day 3

    1. I’ve done “challenges” before and i always seem to lose steam halfway through, but my goal is to document it all, and see if i can change how i feel by using whole foods as best as possible. I am documenting it all to see where i can improve but also to show the emotional ups and downs that go with someone with BED. I hope i can help someone else realize they are not alone!! #thestruggleisreal !!

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