31 Days of Clean Foods: Day 12 & 13

Friday, December 12th. Day 12.
At 5am I woke up, got to the gym around 6:30 and hit the stairmill at level 10 for 45 minutes. Once done with my cardio I headed in to work. Around 9am I was starving so I had 1/2 cup oats, 8 oz muscleegg, 1/4 cup of raspberries, 1 scoop Metabolic Nutrition Protizyme protein mixed together in a shake. Work wasn’t too bad, not too busy which usually means I get hungry sooner, but given that I hadn’t eaten right after cardio like I should have, around 11:30 I grabbed an apple. For some reason this apple had me full for awhile because I didn’t eat lunch until 3. Lunch consisted of 3 oz of beef, 3/4 cup jasmine rice, and 3/4 cup broccoli. Yum! After work I headed home for another meal which happened around 7pm and consisted of 3 oz beef, 3/4 cup jasmine rice, and 3/4 cup broccoli again! (I really love me some jasmine rice). Around 8:30pm I had a handful of trail mix that really only had seeds left in it and two spoonfuls of almond butter.
I’m feeling good about my food intake, but I miss lifting. I feel like all I’ve done this week is cardio. I can’t wait till tomorrow and Sunday because this girl is going to pick up something heavy!

Saturday, December 13th. Day 13
Wake up time today = 7am. Pretty soon after waking up I made a shake that consisted of 1/2 cup oats, 8 oz muscleegg, 1/4 cup of raspberries, and 1 scoop Metabolic Nutrition Protizyme protein. After my shake I headed to the gym for the surfer abs class from 8am-9am. This class utilizes core exercises that aren’t just plain ol’ crunches. We do all different types of planks/pushups/and plyometrics to really engage the core. I like doing different types of exercises! Anyhow, after the class I decided to hit shoulders – doing a very DLB-(Dana Linn Bailey)-esk type shoulder training that involved giant supersets!
After the gym I headed to the deli and got my breakfast. So, around 11am I had 2 eggs, one slice of organic cheddar, and a slice of turkey with a pint of mixed fruit.
Lunch was at 1:45pm and consisted of 1 turkey burger, 1 egg, 1 cup green beans, and 1 sm/med sweet potato. Around 4pm I had another shake with 1/2 cup oats, 8 oz chocolate muscleegg, 1/4 cup of raspberries, 1 scoop Metabolic Nutrition Protizyme protein (this is becoming a weekend favorite). Then we headed back to the gym to hit back. I hit some serious weights and by the time we got home I was quite literally – exhausted. So around 8pm I had about 4 oz of turkey, salad greens, corn, beans, rice, and 1 cup of veggie soup.
Not to far after this, I fell asleep – like into a dead, you can’t move me, kind of sleep… It felt good….. I guess I really needed the rest!

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