31 Days of Clean Foods: Day 16&17

14 days left. Yup, 2 weeks – but I feel like I don’t want to eat junk anymore – I have no cravings, although being so restrictive has it’s downfalls – in today’s world it is possible, but it’s not easy to eat whole all the time. Maybe it’s because I’m still new, only 17 days into this that I find it still difficult to have anything “fun” while staying whole. I’ve faltered a little here and there – it hasn’t been perfect, but I feel much better overall so I suppose that’s a good thing and the point to all of this! Here’s how the last two days have gone:

Day 16-
Woke up 5am and had a Quest bar at 5:45. Hit the gym from 6-7 for a class that consisted of bands, kettle bells, and plates. Then I headed home. I had breakfast at 8am which was 1 cup oats. 2/3 cup muscleegg (almost defrosted), 1 scoop MN, and 1 banana and then headed to work from 9-7.
At 11:30 I had an apple and some trail mix, at 1pm I had trail mix and some cauliflower dipped in hummus, and I had lunch pretty late at 4pm which was 2 pieces of steak, 1 cup of green beans, and 1 cup of rice. At 5pm one of my coworkers brought me an organic candy cane — which I checked the ingredients and everything was organic… After I ate it, I thought “that wasn’t whole although it was made from whole foods it wasn’t unprocessed… I mean, look at it” but I ate it, it was actually pretty tastey but not crazy sweet like candy canes are, and I went on with my day. – I’m learning that when I do make mistakes I can’t completely derail and get upset with myself or I’ll never learn – at
8:30pm I had 2 pieces of steak (small thinly sliced skirt steaks), 1/2 sweet potato, handful of sweet potato chips with hummus, 1 cup green beans and 1 quest bar and at 10pm I had quest bar before bed – these quest bars are becoming a problem. I either need to limit them or stop eating them – but they are a quick and tastey go to … I think I’m taking advantage of my original allowance of them…

Day 17
I woke up late, made breakfast, lunch, and dinner and got to the gym around 7:15. Hit the stairmaster for 40 minutes, follows by a treadmill walk for 5 minutes .. I’ll be honest I was nervous because of Monday’s experience on the stairmaster. I was nervous Id get nauseous, but I didn’t. My legs got tired but I didn’t get sick to my stomach – thank god! I headed to work for 8:30 and had my Breakfast which was 2 eggs, 1 piece of Ezekiel bread, and a small Apple.
Today I didn’t write down the times like I have been so here’s what I remember: between breakfast and lunch I had a pack of trail mix (there’s a theme here with this trail mix….) I had lunch at around 1:30pm which consisted of 1 cup rice, 4oz chicken, and 1 cup green beans. Then at around 3 and 4 I ate more Trail mix. I left work just after 7, headed to get my hair cut and got a quest bar on my way home at around 8pm. Got home around 8:30 and had dinner by 9 which was 1 cup rice, 4oz chicken, 1 cup green beans. By 10 I was hungry so I had 1/2 cup oats. 1/2 cup muscleegg and 1 scoop MEtabolic Nutrition Protizyme protein with a sprinkle of almonds on top.
I was supposed to go to a holiday party for the gym I work at tonight but I totally chickened out – mostly because of food…. No good. I was nervous that id be going to this fancy restaurant and not being able to eat or knowing how to order to match my challenge this month. My goal is to have a healthy relationship with food so that means also being able to handle these types of situations. I have another holiday part on Day 18… Which I will not be missing — but it’s also with my regular job — of people who know my diet restrictions and won’t pressure me or care if I eat or not.
–still learning–

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