31 days of clean foods: day 20

Woke up and weighed in – it’s been about a week and a half so I figured I’d check on my progress. Up 3lbs…. I think that goes to show you a diet soley based on trail mix and quest bars is probably not the “ideal” so I will be better this week. I know I’m not doing this to lose weight, but I was hoping to lose some fat and get a bit tighter. Also, I feel very bloated today, so I dug out my TinyTeatox herbal tea by Your Tea and since I have 16 days left of tea, I decided I’d add this to my routine for the next two weeks. It can’t hurt right!? Even if it just gets rid of the bloat. I’m also thinking about changing my training a bit. Here’s what I’m thinking:
Monday: fasted cardio in the AM, legs in the PM
Tuesday: body pump for the next two weeks in the am but after the new year: full body circuit in the AM followed by chest/abs in the PM
Wednesday: fasted cardio in the AM, back/abs in the PM
Thursday: body pump in the AM
Friday: fasted cardio followed by body pump followed by spin in the AM and shoulders in the PM
Saturday: fasted cardio in the AM, at home full body circuit in the PM (since I’ll be working on Saturdays for a few weeks)
Sunday: teach body pump in the AM, arms in the PM
I know it seems like a lot but I feel like I haven’t been lifting until the weekends- with the exception of a 1 hour class on Tuesdays and body pump on Thursdays. I really love lifting, so I don’t know how I moved so far away from my daily lifts.
The plan for the second half of the month is really to tighten up my diet – more real food, utilizing bars only if I’m on the go and don’t have time for a full meal, and getting my lifting back into the mix – if that means two a days, then so be it, because I really love it – so why not do what you love? I think if I can really prep my meals right I can get 3 solid and full meals of 4 oz chicken, 1 cup greens, and 1 cup rice which should be a good starting place for a future prep – I’m still working on that….
Anyways, here’s what today’s food looked like:
Woke up: 7am, morning vitamins by 7:30, tiny tea with a squirt of honey from mr honey bear at 8am
8:30: 2 eggs, 4 eggwhites, two slices of Ezekiel bread
11:30: 2 protein cookies
1:30: tiny teatox tea
2pm 4oz chicken, 1 cup green beans, 1 cup rice
3pm: 2 protein cookies
5-7pm: shoulders
8:30 Tiny teatox tea
9: 1 egg, 4 egg whites, 3.7oz baked chicken breast, 1 cup green beans, 1 cup rice, 1 protein cookie
I know you’re wondering what these protein cookies are well, I found this recipe that sounded really good – I’ll post it tomorrow – but it was basically protein powder for the protein source, I used granola for the fat and some of the carb source, and whole wheat flour for the remainder of the carbs. They were a bit too yummy, and I think I may slow down on baking anything for awhile. It’s ridiculous, but when I make things like this it triggers something in my head – almost like having too many quest bars around – it’s like I have something preprogrammed in my head that says if I don’t eat it all now it will somehow disappear and won’t be there tomorrow… This all takes time, it takes time and I have time and I’m going to keep working to conquer this thing because I’m better than an eating disorder….. I am determined, and my determination is going to conquer I know it!


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