31 days of clean food: days 21-23

The last few days had been busy, worked til late last night and didn’t get a chance to post so I’m posting days 21-23. Next post will be up after Christmas so I can have some time with the family. These last few days have been rough – between my stomach hurting and working long hours, plus being extra hungry and not really feeling strong or like I’m making any progress. I guess these are the downs of the ups and downs. But I know that as long as I stay consistent and focused I will be successful….. Anyways, here’s the breakdown of the last few days….
Day 21
7:30am: Tiny tea
8am: 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, small Apple, 2 slices Ezekiel bread
8:45am: I got really nauseous, am I hungry? Thirsty? I just ate, why would my tummy be so unhappy? So I had 2 protein cookies to see if that helped settle my tummy but it just made me poop (haha sorry but it did!)
Teach Bp @ 10am
11:45: 2 protein cookies, 1/2 cup granola, 1/2 cup muscleegg, 1 scoop protein
3pm: protein cookies
5:30pm: teatox tea
6pm: 2oz chicken, 1/2 cup rice, 1/2 cup green beans
Chest & leg workout @The Powerhouse Gym in Syosset NY with the boys
9pm: 2oz chicken, 1/2 cup green beans, 1/2 cup rice
10pm:Teatox tea

Today there was a bit of a wavery moment where I started to feel old feelings of binging – trying to hault them in their wake, faultered a little bit but got right back on top of things. My biggest challenge is stopping – it’s like the evil guy on my one shoulder is telling me that I must keep going or something bad is going to happen. But I know that’s not true, the only bad thing that’s going to happen is me getting fat and totally going in the wrong direction.

Day 22:
Teatox: 7:30am
Breakfast: 9:15: 2 eggs, 4 eggwhites, 2 pieces of Ezekiel bread
11:30: Apple
1:30: 4oz chicken, 1 cup green beans, 1 cup rice, trail mix
Got stuck working, didn’t have a chance to eat – wasn’t too hungry though so it wasn’t too bad.
7pm: 1/2 tea
7:45: sweet potato chips, organic cocoa nibs and 80% dark chocolate pieces, macro bar, steak and veggies from whole foods salad bar
9:30: 1/2 tea

Day 23:
6-7am body pump
6:30-7am: 1 cup muscle egg, 1/4 cup oats, 1 scoop MN
9am: Ihop- Harvest grain pancakes, eggs, turkey bacon (I’m aware this is not EXACTLY whole foods… But I was starving, and I didn’t work my normal time today, so I had a “cheat” because I was hungry, and had the opportunity to be a real human and go out for breakfast with my husband)
9:30: tea
2pm: steak & sweet potatoes
2:30: tea
4pm: steak (like 4 cubed pieces)
8pm: Apple
Got stuck with a patient between 9-11pm, I was falling asleep – and when I left I headed to Walgreens – probably a bad idea – when I’m tired and hungry and not on all cylinders I tend to fall into old habits. I tried to pick some decent options
11:30pm: trail mix, chiaPoo, turkey wrapped in a whole wheat wrap cut into small pieces – actually looked more like a taquito cut into sushi roll pieces…. Got home and ate my chicken, rice, and green beans
12 am: Tea


Overall the last few days have not been my best. And as I’m writing this on Day 24… I’m not feeling very good. I’d like to ring out the remainder of the month feeling great about my whole foods endeavor. I’ll tell you that I definitely found new foods that I like, and have done lots of soul searching. I hope over time this healing process brings about positive change. I’d really like 2015 to be MY year!
Let’s go!

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