Break the cycle: the end to Yo-yo dieting

The idea of yo-yo dieting is simple – rapid weight loss, followed by weight gain, followed by weight loss, and the cycle continues. According to many studies the overall health ramifications are not set in stone – there’s nothing (that I can find) that’s really showing that there are cardiovascular ramifications for those who fall into the yo-yo dieting category. The biggest issue is mental. For someone with a history of an eating disorder (binge eating disorder), the mental stress that goes with these waxing and waning diets is almost worse than any physical issue that can come from it.
Here’s the thing – I hit a certain weight and feel great, but then I either start adding in old foods or I go balls to the walls and start binging which inevitably results in weight gain. Then, when I get to a certain point I decide enough is enough and I start dieting again. When I start dieting again, one of two things happen – I either spend a few months being successful and actually lose the weight again, or i spend a week doing good followed by a few weeks of binging followed by a week or two on a diet, etc. and then this cycle of on again off again continues.
I have spent the last few weeks trying to recognize triggers – what triggers me to binge, what triggers me to diet successfully and then “throw it all away” and binge again. Today I began a new supplement stack, (I want to make sure that you know that I know that supplements are not magic and are meant to supplement, that is made to help decrease cravings while increasing metabolism, increase restful sleep, and increase the good thyroid hormones to help rev up the metabolism) by 1st Phorm, called the Bliss Go Pack ( I’m coupling these supplements with a diet plan that I have gotten from Remedy Recipes where I eat meals every 3 or so hours and the complex carbs (other than the ones in veggies) are eaten before 3pm for the most part.
My biggest issue has been sustainability. I’m recognizing that I’m not having any trouble with food while I’m not home, but it’s when I’m on my way home and when I’m home that the problems arise. I recognize that in order to stop this cycle of yo-yo diets I need to put my foot down and take it day by day until it becomes a habit. I need to really stop and think about what I’m doing – oh, going to the super market after work to get snacks but swear I won’t leave with junk food – but I always do, so I need to stop lying to myself and stop myself before I self-sabotage.
I’m also being honest with my husband. In the 7.5 years that I’ve been with him I’ve hid food from him many times. This morning I actually told him about my binge last night. I told him what I ate and he promised me that he’d support me and keep tabs on me. I’m lucky to have his support.
I feel like I’m a work in progress and I’m really trying to change my mind around “dieting” so that I can truly change my lifestyle so my old habits of binge eating and self sabotage can go away and I can move forward with healthy eating. I know “how” so now it’s about avoiding excuses and stopping myself before I try and talk myself into old habits.
The fact is, it’s all easier said than done , but I am going to be brave, and be strong because I am not a weak person. If you can take anything away from this, know that you are not alone – if you have yo-yo dieted and are ready to stop the cycle, follow along and join me as we break the cycle!

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