Good days and bad days

Anyone who has experienced any type of daily challenge can attest to good and bad days. As a veterinary nurse working with pet patients with cancer, I can also say that some days are good and some bad. Today was a bad day. We said goodbye to one of my favorite patients today – now don’t get me wrong, I love all of the patients. I treat them all like they are my own, but occasionally one comes along that really effects you. This pup (who we’ll name “Teddy” for the purpose of this blog) was one the best – even at his sickest moments “Teddy” always wagged his tail. He would snuggle on the floor with me as we waited for his chemo orders, and he was always wagging and wiggling. When we’d be done with his chemo and ready to bring him back to mom he’d always grab his red leash and pull me (as if to walk me) back to his owners. He was such a gentle soul, who you could tell loved us as much as we love(d) him.
Knowing full well that I was “eating my feelings” I went to the vending machine. I was cognizant of what I was doing but I bought a Twix, and pop corn. After work I went to the deli and got a BLT and a crunch bar. Why do I always resort to chocolate when I’m feeling some sort of way? I didn’t continue eating everything in the house though, as all that’s here is salad and chicken and healthy foods – they don’t seem as appetizing when you know you’re not actually hungry but eating because you’re sad.
Although today was a bad day, I’m trying to find the good. Sure, my food choices weren’t the best – but I got in my workout, and I stopped myself before I went totally out of control.
This weeks schedule is a bit crazy again, but I have a plan that I think will help get my training in.

I hope tomorrow is a better day.

2 thoughts on “Good days and bad days

  1. Awe, you are a saint to care for those sick animals! That would be a tough gig for me. I’d be dehydrated from crying and 400lbs from the chocolate!


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