If you don’t love it, don’t do it!

Yesterday I posted about my experience with the scale. I talked about how I didn’t let it throw me completely off, but how I was bothered by the number that looked back at me. Looking back on yesterday I realize that I actually handled that experience in a much more constructive way! The old me would have gone straight to stress eating – stress binging (if you will), while the new “intuitive eater” me stuck to my routine. I ate what tasted good and what I knew would serve me well for my goals. It’s interesting because I have goals of competing, which requires one to diet, and yet I have almost completely adopted this lifestyle of intuitive eating. There are some days that I am not very intuitive, I am confused and stressed and over think it, while other days I feel like it all makes sense and I can really listen to my body.

This morning I read something that really resonated with me: IMG_7153

So many times I have found myself thinking about how I can be better, and most of the time (despite knowing better) I find myself comparing my body with others. We do this, don’t we? We may do it unconsciously, or maybe not, but we compare ourselves with others – Not just bodies either! Have you ever found yourself thinking “Wow, she’s so successful, I wish I had ____(Enter whatever you wish you had here)_____.”  But what if in order to have what she had you would have to do something you don’t like to do? Or what if, in order to have the same things you’d have to have surgery or do something illegal? Would it really be worth it?

Something that I’ve been thinking about today is how much what I’m doing – whether it be at work, or at home, or in the kitchen – serves me for what I actually like. Am I creating a career for myself that I can get up everyday and be happy? Am I happy with my living situation? Am I eating foods that taste good and make me feel good too?

It’s interesting to take a step back and really think about how much we compare ourselves to others, and then to realize how much what they have or what they do wouldn’t actually serve us in the long run. So, I’ve decided that I will utilize what I am learning with my nutrition – intuitive eating – and make those same principles work in other aspects of my life. I am going to focus now on what serves me, what matters to me, while making honest decisions about what makes me happy in order to truly realize that the only thing that matters is what I’m doing and what makes me happy!

How can you change your current situation so that you can be happy and feel like what you are doing serves you? Do you love what you are currently doing? If you don’t then… don’t do it!

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