Help Me! Help Yourself!

Today I asked for help. I have a long laundry list of past attempts to get help that have gone terribly wrong but today I actually feel good about it. While perusing the Intuitive Eating (IE) website over the weekend I found a page that allowed you to find a nutritionist in your area and I decided to look into it! I found a woman who had a website (that’s a plus in my book… I like to size people up before I contact them lol). She seemed to be professional and had a contact form so I sent a quick email explaining that I’ve been reading the IE book and I feel like I’ve made progress but I want to get help in fine tuning and making sure that I’m correctly applying the IE steps. She promptly emailed me back within 24 hours asking to set up a quick phone call to discuss pricing and introduce herself.
Tonight we had our call.
I explained that I haven’t had the best experience with therapists, that asking for help is hard for me, but I’ve made some great progress and I feel like I’m ready to have someone help me make this lifestyle change – and maybe help others along the way! Since, my goal is to empower women – at any size – to be healthy both body and mind!
I have to say, even though we only spoke for about 15 minutes, I really feel like she understands my story and would be helpful. She said that she doesn’t think that I need weekly appointments, that I could benefit from once a month for a few months and then PRN (medical talk for as needed – sorry, she knew I am a vet tech so she knew I was picking up what she was putting down).

The message I learned from this experience – sometimes you need to go outside your comfort zone (and talk on the phone – it’s not that scary, I promise) and ask for help!!

I’m excited to meet with her, and you know I’ll keep you all update on what’s going on when I go for my consult in a couple of weeks!

In other news – my training is going well – I’m documenting all of my training in a notebook and of course I’ll start posting some stuff once I have a more cohesive plan written out!!

Do you need help asking for help!?

What are your experiences with therapists/nutritionists?


2 thoughts on “Help Me! Help Yourself!

  1. You’re making such great progress! I’ve thought about seeing a nutritionist and therapist before. I should check out the IE website. Is it expensive?


    1. Heather, she seems very reasonable – I think prices are determined by each nutritionist. I really liked that she wanted to speak to me before just giving prices – she said it’s much more personable – and I agree! If I had to go every week I wouldn’t be able to afford it, but I can handle once a month for a little bit if needed. It doesn’t hurt to ask and see what works for your budget! This woman was awesome because she said she would work with me if I don’t have the money up front – she’s more concerned with helping people than making their bank account dry!


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