All-or-Nothing or somewhere in-between

As I get older I realize how important it is to stay up to date and do your own research. I’ve always been an all or nothing kind of girl – with everything, but I’m starting to learn that sometimes it’s better to do your homework before jumping with both feet in. I tend to get an idea and run with it and do my research during the process – and over the years this has not always been good for me. I’m beginning to learn to “live in the grey zone” somewhere between the all and the nothing.
It started with reading “Intuitive Eating” where I learned principles to which I can learn or re-learn how to have peace with food by eating the way we were born to eat – intuitively. Learning to trust myself… This is new…
To me, this is grey. There is no set “eat this, don’t eat that”; there is no one telling me I did good or bad; there are simply 10 principles to integrate into your life to find peace with food – something I’ve spent years trying to figure out and over the last month or so have felt much better – not perfect – but much better – progress.
Perfection is black and white. Progress is grey and I have found myself searching daily for progress rather than the all-or-nothing perfection.


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