Spartan training update: ED recovery & Spark

As I continue on my journey to recovery I find myself having many less binge episodes. In fact, I have been able to focus on training for the Spartan sprint in May and have had very little urge to binge. 

I’ve been following a macro based plan, pretty well – but not 100% – which is where intuitive eating comes into play. Having a plan to keep very close to, most days, has helped keep me on track. My biggest motivation is knowing I have the Spartan coming up next month. 6 weeks to be at my all-time most physically fit is a tall feat, so I’m trying really hard to stick to my diet as best as possible. This is also a test to see if I’ll be able to handle (mentally) a competition prep. 

My training this week has been a bit off, although I have added 30 dreadful burpees at the end of every workout… I’m hoping that over the next month and a half I will gain some endurance with these godawful things!

The best thing right now is that I’ve also gone back to some tried and true products that have helped me in the past. Lately I’ve been using Advocare’s spark to give me energy, and I plan to do a 24 day challenge starting May 1st with (hopefully) a decent sized group of people! 

My husband and I are distributors and just recently decided to get intentional and stop standing on the side lines while everyone else is seeing success. 

So, I began using the products again and plan to use them throughout the rest of my journey to change my lifestyle completely and recover from my ED. 

I’ll continue to give updates on my Spartan training progress… Tomorrow I’m going to a free Spartan training workout – which I’m super excited about – so stay tuned for a synopsis of the day’s events!! 


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