AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge

Last August I completed my very first 24 day challenge. At the time I was in a weird place struggling with my binge eating disorder, struggling with my self image, and struggling to find a balance between my nutrition and how much I wanted to workout. My first challenge was quite challenging but that’s the point right!? Haha, actually it was a really great experience for me! It helped me tackle my ED and gave me some structure without restriction. I didn’t feel hungry and I felt thinner almost immediately! 

After completing my challenge, losing about 15lbs and 6″ around my whole body, I decided that I wanted, that I needed to share this with people. I signed up to be a distributor and tried to get my husband involved. Unfortunately he didn’t see the vision I saw and our AdvoCare business was put on the back burner immediately. 

Recently my husband caught wind of some people making significant amounts of money with the business opportunity that AdvoCare has, and he asked me more about it. Within the next few days we bought into the 25% discount level and started building our business. 

With all that said, we have started a challenge group for May, starting May 1st. Since he is just starting to use the products and I have experience with the 24 day challenge, we decided this would be the best way to get started! I’m super excited because my mom has decided to do a challenge! I bought her the challenge because she’s done so much to help me over the years that I thought it was the least I could do!! 

I’m going to post updates as we get closer to the challenge start and then throughout the challenge! 

I can’t wait!!

Are you up for the challenge?!  

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