AdvoCare 24 Day Challege: Day 2

Today I went to the SPCA of Westchester’s Walk and Pet Fair with my dogs!  

We hung out at the ASC/KBVC booth chatting with many people who had good and some not so good experiences at our hospitals, but overall the vibe was good! I walked around, made some contacts at a local YMCA and even bought some bacon and cheddar home made treats for the pups! 

Then, I took a photo with Bocker the Labradoodle! Bocker was a patient at my hospital that I had the pleasure and privilege of being part of his oncology care team. Isn’t he the cutest?  

I got my exercise in today by doing the 2.5mile walk while carrying my 26lb dog… He’s a pug and was having trouble breathing so I just carried him the whole way!   

 All in all today has been a good day! I before going to the walk I made sure to have my fiber drink and my breakfast – today I had eggs on a multigrain bagel and a banana, brought a gallon of water with me, and I had an apple for a snack. For lunch I had a big salad with grilled chicken, an egg, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, and white beans as my complex carb. 

For dinner I found this frozen dinner at the super market that seemed pretty intriguing. I’m not usually a frozen meal kind of gal, but I was impressed by the packaging – it had the macro percentage right on the front!! Check it out  


I’ve got to tell you, it was pretty tasty and filling!! I was surprised at how big it was and how much food was in there! This might be my go to when I don’t have a meal planned out and already cooked! 

In other news…  

My allergies are killing me today, I woke with a migraine but forced myself to go ahead with the rest of my day – and I’m glad I did!! I took some of my pups allergy meds which seemed to help the headache and sinus pressure (thank God)!

How is your Day 2 so far?! Today I find it a bit easier to follow the plan, although walking into the super market is still a trigger for me to buy foods that I should be staying away from. Every day it will get easier!  

Last bit of news::: Patrice and I are officially Advisors with AdvoCare!! Oh and we are going to Success School in August!! Texas here we come!! 

 If you want more info on the challenge, please email me at or check out my website:

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