24 Day Challenge: Day 3

Today has been a good day yet again! I promised I’d be transparent so.. Here we go.. Don’t yell at me… I weighed myself today and… I was down 5lbs!!! I’m the first person to tell my challenge group that this is most likely water weight in the beginning but I was still super excited!

For breakfast I had two eggs, a breakfast bar that’s whole grains, and an apple. Then I headed to teach Body Pump. I was so excited because one of the ladies came to me before class to thank me. She thanked me for helping to push her. I looked her in the eye, smiled, and thanked her. That totally warmed my heart! Then I challenged my whole class to pick one track and challenge themselves “you don’t know what you’re capable of if you don’t challenge yourself” !!

I really do love teaching group fitness, it’s completely changed who I am for the better!! I am so much more focused on helping other people, listening to people, and really effecting change!

Anyway, back to my day….

For my snack/post workout meal I had some Muscle Gain protein (Advocare) with 1/2 cup 0% Fage Greek yogurt and 1 tsp of almond butter (totally my new favorite).

Then I got this weird burst of energy so I went for a 1 mile run with some soccer drills mixed in. I did some butt kicks, high knees, squat thrusts, and fartlets until my allergies became a problem and then I headed home to run the stairs at my complex!

Lunch was chicken, green beans,  and whole grain pasta and my between meals snack was a Muscle Gain protein shake that I decided would be a good idea to not let it mix all the way — YUCK! Protein that’s clumpy is gross no matter now good it tastes lol!

Then my husband came home and asked if I wanted to go to the gym… iiiiiimmmmmm baaaaaccckkkk I thought haha! Of course I said yes! So off to the PowerHouse gym we went!! We did some decline and incline hammer strength presses, I jumped around and played with some grip strength and did pec decs and pushups while the boys worked on traps. I’m not a fan of trap work – I get enough with the clean and presses in body pump!

I was pretty impressed with my ability to hang around switching up my grip between supine and prone, then had my hands facing in and then wide prone. I was just playing around, swinging around and of course got some funny looks but I don’t care. I’m unapologetically myself and I really don’t care much if people think my training is weird or Silly. I’m trying to accomplish something that’s not too small – I’m trying to do a trifecta – all three Spartan races… Starting in 4 weeks with the sprint! Plus, we are going on vacation in July and then Texas to Success School in August, not to mention I’m going to OneLive in Chicago in August! It’s going to be a busy summer and I need to get my butt together and get training every moment I can!!

Anyway, I’m getting carried away…

For dinner my husband and I went to Whole Foods again… I’m sorry, I love whole foods food bar but it’s kind of expensive! I really need to go food shopping and meal plan but I’ve been so lazy lol! Tonight I cooked the chicken in my fridge — that’s a step in the right direction – right?? LoL

Day 3 is in the books! How are you doing on your challenge?

If you want to get going and change your body let me know!! I can help coach you through your 24 day challenge and beyond!


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