24 Day Challenge: Day 5

This morning I woke up before my alarm! Holy cow can you believe it?! Before my alarm!!   So of course I decided to get up and head to the gym for the morning class – but not my catalyst, probiotic, and spark!

In class we did things like kettle bell swings, burpees, and a lot of ab work. When class was over I decided to do some box jumps – I began with 7 risers, went to 8, then 9, then 10! Each time I did 20 jumps! I know 10 risers isn’t that much but I haven’t done box jumps in a long time so I was pretty happy with myself!     

After that I went home to eat breakfast, shower, and get ready for work. Since today is Day 5 & happens to also be Cinco de Mayo my food today was very cinco-de-mayo-esk!  For breakfast I had eggs, an apple, and a bevita breakfast bar (not very celebratory but wait it gets better). That was at 8am, then at 1pm I had an apple because I was starving at work and had no time to take lunch – at 4 I had steak fajitas for lunch and a few dates which were supposed to be my post lunch snack but because I was starving I ate them anyways and then I was stuffed! Lesson learned!

After lunch I got a text from my sponsor who congratulated me on becoming advisor with AdvoCare!  I’m super excited about this and even more so now that it seems to me like she has taken notice and I’ve done some things this week that have really made me feel good. It’s funny how I’ve literally lived my life with my head down, being shut off from the world. But since being part of AdvoCare I really feel like I’ve been given the chance to open my eyes and see people for once – Even talk to people and be thoughtful!

Anyway, after work I was pooped, but still had plenty of energy to bring my Charlie back to the hospital for some pre-op bloodwork. He was very stressed out but he’s finally resting now ….

I realized today that I never did tell you guys about my trip to the super market…. I’ll have to save that one for tomorrow!!! So stay tuned!!

For dinner I had chicken fajitas – because what kind of cinco de mayo would it be without  fajitas!!! Hehe what a silly word… Fajita… Hehe

So, before I head off to bed I’ll have my herbal cleanse tabs and catalyst and give my Charlie a big ol’ kiss!!



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