24 Day Challenge: Day 6

Before I fell asleep last night I set my alarm for 6:30am thinking that I would skip the gym and take a rest day since I’ve been going since Saturday without a break, but clearly my body had another agenda. I woke up this morning at 1/4 to 5AM! I wound up laying in bed for a little whole and got up around 5:30am and then I got up and headed to the gym – spark in hand. At the gym I spent 30 minutes on the stair master followed by some grip strength work – hanging around on the pull-up bars working on different grips.

After the gym I headed home to shower and eat before work. For breakfast I had my muscle gain protein, with a tsp of almond butter, and yogurt with a bevita breakfast bar.

Work was another busy day but I got the take a quick snack break a bit earlier than yesterday. I ran out of apples so my snack was a trail mix pack from the vending machine that I separated the banana chips out of (yuck, I hate those things)  and had the peanuts and raisins. Lunch was at a reasonable hour – around 2pm, and I had steak, sweat potatoes, and peppers – yum!

Here’s where things got rocky again…. I didn’t eat a mid day snack and dinner wasn’t until 8pm! I really need to get on top of this and stop what I’m doing to take a quick break.

I’m actually really tired tonight – more tired than I have been…. So, I’m going to call it a night but I’ll write more tomorrow – tomorrow is Charlie’s surgery so I’m sure I’ll have more to write!

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