24 Day Challenge: Day 7

One week in! I can’t believe it’s the end of day 7 already! I actually forgot to set an alarm last. Ight. It managed to wake up at 5am for class!! So of course I headed to the gym with my spark!!

Today was a big day for me and my family – my puppy Charlie went in for soft palate resection and nares surgery as well as a dental where he had 5 incisors pulled and one premolars pulled! Charlie was really anxious and I was worried he’d cause too much inflammation so I decided to leave him in the hospital for the night. Charlie really hasn’t spent much time away from me unless he’s been at my moms house, so tonight being home without him is weird for me, but at least I have Miley and Louie! Poor char char…

For breakfast I had my bevita breakfast bar and two eggs, for a snack I had trail mix. But, I’ll be honest today has been a bit crazy thankfully the doctor I work for bought us Chinese, so I got sushi. For dinner I had my lunch and then after dinner I had a banana and now it’s bed time!!

I’m actually really tired so I’m not going to make today’s post too long or very specific – I had a lot of anxiety today but it was great to have such amazing coworkers to keep me calm and to treat my pup. I’m so luck to work with the best!



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