24 Day Challenge: Day 8

Today I woke up crying – what an odd way to start the day! I didn’t have the best sleep last night because of Miley, she was crying and barking and she had me up at 12 and 3am. At 6am I woke up in tears, missing Charlie, feeling alone. How sad!! I got up and got myself together, having my spark and my probiotic, followed by fiber drink and breakfast. Then I headed to the gym for body pump and spin, and then to go pick up my boy!

Look at that cute nose! He was still really sleepy but I was happy to be bringing him home!

I’ve literally been watching movies and watching Charlie all day. When he gets up, I get up!

I also started a new skin care regime today! I’m super excited about it because ever since I worked at The Body Shop I really haven’t had a skin care regime and my face definitely shows (in my opinion).

I was super excited about the cleanser because it’s a scrubby cleanser! It feels so good!! And the night cream is so creamy it leaves your skin feeling so soft as it soaks in quickly and doesn’t leave a residue! Supplements for your body and supplements for your skin!!!

Anyway, I posted this morning a quick update on my progress so far, and what’s even better is the text message I got from my mom this morning!

9 freaking pounds!  This woman is on freaking fire!!! And it makes me so excited!!

I feel like I’ve been such a bum today, but i guess once in awhile it’s good to just lay low, plus Charlie really needed me today so I just stayed home.

I had a few more snacks than I needed, but I drank a ton of water- lunch was turkey mashed potatoes and mixed veggies, dinner was steak fajitas.. And I had a few oatmeal bars and bananas – Oh and I tried the AdvoBar Raw bar

and I gotta say – it was really yummy! It was like I could taste that it was held together by dates and it was filling because it was a normal sized bar not like a tiny bar… Definitely something I’ll keep around for when I need a quick snack!

I also realized today that I never did tell you all the story about the supermarket the other day. So.. Here it is: in the height of my binge eating disorder I would go to the supermarket after work and buy a bunch of things I didn’t need and when i went home I would then eat it all for fear that Patrice would come home and see it or because I felt like I had to eat it all in one sitting because who knows when I could get more – the mind of a binge eater is quite strange… Well, the other day – and a few times since then – I found myself in the supermarket for one specific thing and I found myself leaving just with that one specific thing!

If you struggle with binge eating disorder you understand how big this is!!

Anyway, I’m super proud of how I have been with this whole situation with Charlie and I have held pretty strong with my nutrition despite the stress!

I’m so excited for my moms results, I’m excited for my other challengers results, I’m excited to change lives and help people!!


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