24 Day Challege: Day 10

are you ready for the Max phase?

Today was  the last day of the cleanse phase – and Mother’s Day – so before moving on I want to wish every mother a very happy day!!

Ok, so today was the last day of the cleanse, I had a pretty uneventful food day, I had egg whites, rice, and a grapefruit for breakfast. I’m not a huge fan of grapefruit but it seems to have become a staple – last night I had a grapefruit for my snack.

After breakfast I headed to the gym to teach bodypump and then headed over to subway for a sandwich. I had a turkey sandwich on honey oat bread with lettuce, tomato, onion, green peppers, and cucumbers with a little vinegar. Then my snack was a few dates and two spoonfuls of cottage cheese.

When my husband came home we headed out to the gym, but to our dismay the gym was closed

So we headed to the park to do some push-ups, pull-ups, monkey bars, etc. When we got to the park I quickly realized that my ripped blister was not going to hold up so we decided to hit the road and go to dinner instead. My husband asked that we go to Friday’s because we haven’t been out in so long. Thank goodness I had my carb-ease plus  with me because my dinner had way more carbs than I had planned originally…

I chose the salad as a side with no dressing, and my turkey club that was supposed to have avocado on it was missing the avocado which actually made me happy because that meant it was really less calories than it was supposed to be!

After dinner my husband wanted “ice cream” so we headed over to Frannies Goodie Shop in the local mall and he got froyo. I decided that I didn’t want any because I was tired and didn’t really need it! (Woah! This is kinda huge!!!!) so I chose against it and I don’t feel bad about that!

So, all in all I think it was a pretty good day, nothing to complain about!!

As far as tomorrow, I’m going to PLAN tonight and make sure I have everything together since the first day of a new thing is always weird for me… So I have my MNS -C prepped and seperated, my spark, catalyst, and thermoplus all put together! I will be successful in this… How about you?


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