24 Day Challenge: Day 14 & 15

Yesterday I woke up and headed to the gym for Body Pump. After that I headed home to cook chicken and then headed into work. Work was super busy, as it always is, and a bit stressful but I kept on task with my meals and supplements. After work I headed home to pack up the dogs and begin driving 5 hours to Plattsburgh, NY to visit my best friend, her husband, their new babies and their 5 year old daughter (my god daughter).

Sorry I didn’t write a post last night, I spent the night looking at this:

It was actually kind of funny that I had to pull over, get out and do 12 jumping jacks – before realizing that I could be the next victim in an axe murder film – to stay awake!

I arrived around 1am and pretty much fell asleep. I fell asleep so quickly I forgot to take my catalyst before bed! I must have been sleepy haha!

All in all day 14 was uneventful and went off without a hitch.

Day 15 started pretty similar to most days, woke up at the butt crack of dawn, walked the dogs, took my supplements and then had my shake a half hour later. Snack was some hard boiled eggs and then for lunch I had a wrap with eggs, lettuce, and tomato.

Im trying out the new crave check SR tabs today, and so far so good. Although I really haven’t craved much I knew today I would be a bit less active than I have been so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t craving anything out of lack of movement/boredom. I will say that being so used to being so physically active, I find myself wanting a nap, but I’ll probably just drink another spark shortly if I still feel tired. The dogs are tired too

way too much excitement for them at this point! Miley is not used to kids, Charlie is indifferent, so they are a bit tired from all the rambunctiousness today lol!

The plan is crockpot chicken for dinner with veggies, which sounds super yummy so I’m excited about that!

OH and I’m almost all set up for my OnRAMP courses next week, and then I get to go to any crossfit class I want – unlimited – for a month. If after the month I still want to do it I will continue! I’m excited, I feel like crossfit can really put my fitness to a new level, really push me further and challenge me more – and who knows maybe one day you’ll see my name on the screen at the crossfit games (a girl can dream).

For now you can find me hanging with these two:

While I’m away I’m really thinking a lot about how I can help other people – both financially and with their health. Im motivated to really make changes in my own health and fitness and am excited to help others too! If you want to get going and change your body let me know!! I can’t wait to talk to you more about your goals and how I can help! 

If you want more info on the challenge or any of the AdvoCare products/product lines, please email me at teamsuzrice@gmail.com or check out my website: www.advocare.com/140913642 


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