AdvoCare 24 day challenge: day 20

Last night I posted a photo on Instagram letting everyone know that today I would be sharing my #productreview for AdvoCare SleepWorks – a ready to drink vitamin and mineral herbal supplement that is meant to help you sleep peacefully throughout the night. As the challenge comes to a close in the next few days, I wanted to share with you all some of my other favorite products but also share with you my first experience with something new to me as well!  
First I will talk to you about flavor… Anything lavender and spearmint sounds like it wouldn’t be very good. I was surprised at first because the first sip wasn’t half bad – now I wouldn’t go around drinking this stuff like water, or chocolate milk lol but it was tolerable. My advice? Sip don’t just suck it down. After the first sip I decided to get it down quick and, well, that wasn’t smart. The lavender is meant to calm you but when you drink it all too quick it’s like that first shot of whiskey you should never have had – it sends chills down your spine! I suppose if you don’t like the flavor it’s best to suck it down, but I don’t recommend it. Maybe cutting it with some water would bring the strength down a bit when it comes to intensity of the flavor.

The directions say:

To drink the contents of the bottle 30 minutes before bedtime. I drank this bottle and I swear within 15 minutes I felt relaxed. After 20 minutes I put my phone down, and by 30 minutes I was fast asleep. 

I woke up around 6am feeling more rested than I have in quite some time. Turns out this bad boy has melatonin (makes more sense now doesn’t it) and a bunch of B vitamins as well as an herbal blend to support restful sleep. 

In my humble opinion, if you are someone who has trouble staying asleep despite cleaning up your nutrition, SleepWorks is for you! 

Oh that note, today was an eventful day – I went to my first On Ramp course at crossfit and I got some really great feedback! Turns out I have great form in squats and my deadlifts are damn near perfection! The overhead presses were different for me because crossfit had you put your arms straight overhead where body pump cues the move slightly different, I suppose it’s more modified for general populations. I’m excited to continue to practice and get better! 

I learned that my wrists need some work – my wrists and forearms are not my strongest and learning to hold the bar differently is going to help me with this too! Tomorrow I plan to go to a sporting goods store and get some bands so I can work on wrist mobility with the exercises that Marcus (my on ramp coach) gave me! 

 After doing some fundamental work and complimenting my form we went into my first AMRAP (as many rounds as possible): 7 minutes, 7 10lb ball walls, 7 burpees… I got about 9 rounds – which they say is really good. Burpees are my enemy… 

Overall I felt good about it and I’m excited for tomorrow to go back to complete my second on ramp class! Soon enough I’ll be in there coaching crossfit (I know me, it’s the only logical next step!)

And for now… I leave you with this: 

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