Barbells For Boobs

Yesterday I participated in the Barbells for Boobs fundraiser at the crossfit box affiliate that I have been going to since May. I was super excited about this fundraiser as the barbells for boobs organization uses the money that they receive to help in the prevention of breast cancer. Breast cancer affects so many people and anything that we can do to help in the prevention is totally worth it.

My gym, Crossfit Westchester Pelham, and our brother gym, Crossfit Westchester White Plains, got together yesterday to complete Amazing “Grace” which is a crossfit benchmark workout that consists of 30 clean and jerks for time. Men are to use 135lbs and women 95lbs and we are instructed to scale according to abilities. Being fairly new to this, I had never completed this specific workout nor had I done it with 95lbs, but my fellow members believed I could do it so I went for it – knowing the worst that could happen is I fail reps and have to strip the weight. 

Well, I completed Grace, using the Rx (prescribed) weight of 95lbs in 5min and 20 seconds and it felt incredible! I also raised 176$ towards the prevention of breast cancer – the two gyms combined raised over 8600$!! 

Donations will continue to be accepted through the end of the year even though the fundraising event is over – breast cancer doesn’t stop just because we did our workout! If you’d like to donate please head over to my donation page by clicking here! 

Such a fun event, with great people and I really can’t wait for next year!! 

If you’d like to see a video overview that’s literally 6 minutes (4of which are of me lol) with no special effects… Head over to my YouTube channel by clicking here and don’t forget while you’re there to subscribe!! 

In honor of those who donated, I promised to do 1 burpee for ever $1 donated to my page.. Well, I received $176 in donations (50$ was cash that I still have to actually post on my page but I counted it since it was handed to me prior to yesterday). So today I completed my promised burpees after I taught BodyPump. 176 burpees in 14min 51seconds.. And boy am I tired!! 

I will be posting a YouTube video to thank those who donated and showcase my 176 burpees! 


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