Spending more time with my pets…

I don’t write about them often, but for those who know me, my pets are more like my children – an extension of who I am. When I started this blog I wanted to bring my love for fitness and my love for pets together. It’s a work in progress – as is much of my life – but I’d like to really explore this more in the coming new year. 

As a licensed veterinary technician I understand what it means to care for a pet, I see love and loss on a daily basis, and when I get home I sometimes don’t give my “kids” the attention they deserve.  A lot of times I think this is because work gets me pretty burnt out – on long emotional days, it’s hard to come home and allow my mind to be present. 

During the holidays this year I find myself reflecting on this and trying to figure out how I can make it better. Have you ever been sitting on your phone and your pet jumped up and tried to get your attention!? It happens to me on a daily basis. I think about how I can give them more attention while still feeling connected to the world — and then I realize that I’m not feeling connected at all when I completely disconnect from those who are most important to me. 

This holiday has had me spending a lot of time alone – without the accompaniment of human interaction. In reality though, I’m not alone because I’ve been with my pets – which has got me thinking that I don’t spend enough time with them – really paying attention to them… 

So, in 2016 I plan to not only write more about my own pets, but bring more pet related topics to this blog – and eventually maybe even discuss how to stay fit and healthy with your pets! 


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