Sleep, eat, play, repeat…

Time flies way too fast! The twins are already 3 months old! How did this happen?

The first two months sort of flew by with Pat and I in a daze. We were taking it day by day and really didn’t know what we were doing. This last month we began focusing on sleep – we purchased the newborn class from and implemented her suggestions immediately. Some of the things that worked the best for us were the swaddle, sound machine, and dark room. The idea of limiting stimulus was a real “Ah Ha” for me and I’ve really tried to focus on that – especially when trying to explain how to put them down for naps to family and friends who are trying to help.

A lot has been going on lately: our family is moving upstate NY, I’ve been working on trying to get in 23 minutes of “me time” daily (this week – that hasn’t been happening), I’m still in grad school trying to do my best to finish up by April of 2019 so that I can get a better paying job that will hopefully allow us to buy a condo next year, and I’m still breastfeeding these twinnies! I feel like I’m going 1000mph with no stop sign in sight but I suppose that’s how it is as a mom!

In the last few months I’ve tried to take some time for myself, I joined The Ladies Edge – an incredible group of women, and some men, that encourage each other to eat intuitively and workout for 23 minutes 6 days a week to give yourself some self care daily. Its been tough this last week to get that in, and with the impending move coming closer and closer, the next few weeks may be difficult to get that in as well, but I’d like to start trying to focus a bit more on making better food choices and spending a few minutes to better myself because let’s face it – the kids have been way more put together than me lately and that’s not ok!

Amidst all of the chaos, I’m trying to be better about writing here, updating you all, while still taking the time to spend all of the little moments with the twins.

How do you manage the chaos of your life? What are some things that you do for yourself daily? Are your kids dressed better than you? (If you’re answer to the last question is yes — do you think it’s time to put yourself together a bit?)

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