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GRIT, Sophie, and how I’ve been feeling lately

A lot has happened since my last post! So much that I keep thinking that I need to write a post about each individual thing and then I think that it would take me forever to do that! I figured I’d just start typing and see how much I get through – how’s that sound?

About two weeks ago I went to initial instructor training for Les Mills GRIT. If you’ve never heard of GRIT, it’s a high intensity interval training (HIIT) style class that’s 30 minutes long. The premise is quick bursts, followed by short rests, to burn fat fast! HIIT has been around for a long time, and has many benefits cardiovascularly as well as for your overall health! The weekend was long, grueling, and tiresome. My husband and I drove the three hours to West Chester University (in West Chester, PA) early Saturday morning to arrive at a quarter to 8am so that I wouldn’t be late for training!


The training modules are two days long from 8am – 6pm, and include learning about the company, learning to choreography for the class, a physically demanding challenge, and teaching the choreography many times over the course of two days. After you have completed the two days you are given a grade out of 3.



When the weekend was over, I had gained 10 new friends, was tired and sore, got a recipe for some amazing low carb/gluten free cookies, and passed with a 3/3!  After we were done on Sunday, my husband and I went to this burger place around the corner from the college and I had a huge burger with bacon and avocado!

The day after training I went to CrossFit (enter surprised smiley face here) and managed to complete the workout, but I was done for for the rest of the week! Exhausted really isn’t even the word!! Since training (which was about two weeks ago) I haven’t looked much at GRIT but after this weekend I plan to really practice and learn the choreography so that I can tape and pass to become a GRIT coach!

Later in the week last week, I went to an interview at another gym for both GRIT and Body Pump. They were interested in taking me on as a substitute instructor for now and willing to help me with my GRIT certification. I was very pleased with them and happy they want to help! I look forward to working with them and practicing! I am excited for what the future holds with these programs!!

This past week was actually a really rough week for me emotionally. At work we had a dog come in who appeared to have been hit by a car, she’s paralyzed in her hind end and had no microchip. A good samaritan brought her in, and with no known home we began calling shelters and rescues. Due to the nature of her condition none of the shelters would take her but we were hopeful in one rescue who said they had to call us back. I felt horrible, she was emaciated, and clearly mistreated. Depsite all of this she was extremely gentle and sweet.


There’s no surprise that I fell in love with her at first sight!! They named her “Cali” and then changed it to “Joy” but I felt she needed a better name. I didn’t think Joy was appropriate so I began thinking of names for her. She spent one night in the hospital and the next day I came to work and asked what was going to happen to her. The doctor said that if they couldn’t find a rescue they would have to euthanize her. That just could not happen. I asked to take her home that night to buy her some time and so that I  could think of something to do. They told me a rescue had called but had to rearrange some things and would be calling the following day to let them know if they could take her or not.

When I got her home she ran inside as if she knew we were home! She smelt my whole apartment and took an interest in my boy Charlie. Where he went, she went. Charlie is kind hearted and wouldn’t hurt a fly so he quickly took her under his wing. She slept comfortably on my couch next to me snuggled up to my leg, melting my heart with each and every deep breath that she img_9827took. She was comfortable, home, and it showed in her demeanor that she was no longer scared, but happy to be in a warm home in a “bed” (my couch) with a loving human and friendly dogs. While I watched her sleep, the name Sophie (which mean wisdom) came to mind. I lovelingly named her Sophie.

The following day, I brought her back to work as she’s special needs and couldn’t be left home alone all day. Around 12pm I was informed that a rescue was coming to pick her up at 2pm and she was scheduled for an MRI the following day. I was prepared for this, but my heart was broken. I knew that it was best for her, but I wanted to take care of her, I wanted her to be mine. Saying goodbye to Sophie was one of the hardest things I’ve done in quite a long time. I know that she was getting the medical care she needed, that I would not have been able to give her right away, and she would be safe and free from euthanasia, but my heartached and I img_9839felt like the wind had been knocked out of me with the news that my sweet girl would not be coming home with me again.

Sophie had an MRI the following day and it showed that she has spinal inflammation likely caused by trauma and she was prescribed physical therapy. Sophie may or may not walk again, but the rescue is willing to give her the chance. If you’re moved by Sophie’s story – please considering donating to Oliver’s Orphan Oasis at


If you read the explaination of Sophie’s story on that go fund me account, that tear-filled tech — yea that was me! Damn, I really fell hard for that girl!! She is such a sweet sweet girl, and will need a furever home. If you want to feel the love of a rescue pet please consider adopting Sophie, or another baby who needs a home!

I’ve had quite an interesting week between Sophie, my tire going flat on the parkway to work, getting peed on and bitten by a cat, and feeling like the world is out to get me. I really hope that next week is better, and that whatever is going on with all this negativity stops soon!!

On a good note – 41 days til I turn 30! I’m not sure why that’s exciting, butIMG_9871.JPG I like my birthday, and I look forward to another year older – hopefully I can continue to grow as a group fitness instructor, continue to grow as a person, and maybe just maybe become a parent — I was hopeful that this last one would have happened sooner but looks like someone has different plans for us!

Heres to learning Body Pump 99, GRIT 18, and hopefully having a better week!!




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Puppy Up Foundation – Dog Walk

Today, Charlie, Miley and I went to the 3rd annual Puppy Up! fun dog walk in New Paltz, NY at the Adair Vineyards. The Puppy Up Foundation is dedicated to finding the links between canine and human cancers – through education, awareness, and investment in research, they are commited to finding these links as well as the causes of cancer for both human and canine patients alike.


Although Charlie doesn’t have cancer (and neither does Miley – I should note), we went to support both my job, my coworkers who have pets who have undergone chemotherapy, and the doctor that I work for – Dr. Sue Ettinger!

Dr. Sue Ettinger is known as Dr. Sue Cancer Vet, she co-wrote a book, speaks all over the country, and is a real advocate for canine (and feline) cancer – she loves her job and her patients! Dr. Sue spoke to the crowd about what it means to be an oncologist, why she loves it, and spoke about her passion — her new campaign — “See Something, Do Something – Why Wait, Aspirate!” Basically, there were never any real guidelines for lumps and bumps – how long do you wait? How big should it be before it gets looked at? So she set out to answer these questions with the See Something, Do Something – Why Wait, Aspirate campaign. If a lump is the size of a pea (about half the size of a penny) and has been there for more than a month, the new recommendation is that you bring your pet (this is not exclusively for dogs!) to your veterinarian to have it aspirated and have those cells sent to the lab for analysis.


During the day, I had many people come up and ask me questions about their dog – one man spoke to me about his dog with two large lumps on his neck that his General Practitioner (GP) Veterinarian told him was cancer, but had never done an aspiration. The aspiration is not that big of a deal, doesn’t hurt, and can save an owner a lot of pain, suffering, and money in the long run! In general many times surgery alone can be curative if a malignant cancer (this is not a death sentence — quite the opposite if caught early) is found early.

After Dr. Sue’s speach, some announcements, and the honoring of both a canine and human cancer survivor, the walk began!

Of course Charlie didn’t last long and needed to be carried almost immediately!! But Dr. Ettingers son came to my rescue and walked Miley while I carried Charlie for two laps around the vineyard!


One of the best parts about my job, and going to events like this is seeing the survivors! It just so happens that one of my coworkers, and a great friend of mine – Heather’s dog Hogan recently finished his chemotherapy protocol for lymphoma. Hogan went through his entire 19 weeks with little to no issues (except maybe a change in tastes which means he got to eat more of whatever he wanted)! Hogan is such an amazing dog, if it weren’t for his puppy cut hairdo (his hair didn’t really grow back after a haircut mid-treatment but should start to grow back now that he’s off of chemotherapy) and his bandana’s you’d never know that he had cancer!


Hogan enjoyed his walk with all of his friends today and really enjoyed this photo op!! Throughout the walk there were either In Memory posters or Survivor posters of both humans and canines alike. One of the owners of a patient we had seen was also there and found me to talk to me about her dog and where the family is now after their loss of their sweet boy. She has rescued two dogs since the passing of her boy, and now with a newfound understanding of what it is like to lose a pet to cancer – supports foundations like PuppyUp! It was sad, but it was nice to see that she seems to be in a good place and happy.

After the walk we watched the police dogs do their presentation – it’s always cool to see what they are capable of. And to our surprise there was a pitbull as a police dog! This was exciting because it shows the public that pitbulls are not all fighting, scary dogs. They can be trained, they are smart, loyal, and even play frisbee (as the police pitbull abptly showed off his skills after the demonstration right before he ran into the food truck to beg for treats!).

All in all today was a great day, we helped to raise money for the Puppy Up Foundation, got some exercise, enjoyed a day with our team, and even got to taste some really good wine (and some of us even bought a bottle or two — or three)!


For more information on The Puppy Up foundation head to puppyup.orgfullsizerender

  • Do you or someone you know have a pet with cancer?
  • What is your favorite foundation to give to?
  • What is your favorite type of wine?


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Liver, Sweet Potatoes, and Paleo!

My coworkers think it’s funny and ask me if everything is paleo. “Hey Suz, is this paleo?” “Hey Suz, I’m eating out of a plastic container – totally paleo right?” “We’re having Chinese food tomorrow, is Chinese food paleo?” It’s light hearted and makes me laugh, but it makes me think about how some nutrition strategies can be so foreign to some. Paleo is pretty simple, but it’s going to be a learning process – I’m sure I’ll be eating things that aren’t totally paleo – until I learn the ins and outs. Also, before really making the decision to remove gluten and follow a more paleo style I purchased some meal replacement bars that are low carb but definitely not gluten free or paleo, and a box of quest bars – that are gluten free but probably wouldn’t meet the paleo standards. Being that I don’t have a lot of extra money laying around and I literally can not stand the thought of wasting food, I plan to continue to eat these bars until they are gone, and then look for alternative quick meal bars for work. As a licensed vet tech (vet nurse) I often have to eat on the run, and meal replacement bars become a staple – it’s either that or eating the donuts that were brought by a client.

For more info on paleo click here. There’s a lot of info out there – a simple google search will do, but the website in the link above is pretty comprehensive and also has a link with research. 

For more info on gluten free I really suggest you read the book Wheat Belly by William Davis. It explains why one would consider taking wheat (gluten) out of their diet even if they do not have celiac disease.

Anyway, yesterday I mentioned that I was going to try to make a recipe with liver… Well, I made it, and it’s not bad! I only tasted it warm so I’ve put it in the fridge to cool so I can try it as the dip/pâté it’s meant to be! 

Want the recipe!!?? Check it out at it was a little bit messy but that’s because I don’t have a big blender! Shout out to my coworker Becca for the mason jar! 

For breakfast I had a beautiful veggie bowl that I concocted myself! I was so proud of myself I didn’t want to eat it it was so pretty! 

It consisted of alfalfa sprouts, kale and spinach sautéed with chopped onions, a half of a sweet potato, 1 egg, and 1 meatball that I got from the super market (it’s grassfed beef that comes in small round balls that I got at the local hannafords). It was so good! I’m really getting the hang of cooking! 

I ate my breakfast or first meal around 12, I wasn’t really hungry and sort of fasted without really intending to. Feels like eating this way will have me slowly and effortlessly easing into intermittent fasting as well. Anyway, I ate one of my bars for “lunch” and a few hours later had a banana and another bar. We were busy and a client brought us brownies so I was glad I had my bars as my emergency snack! 

For dinner I made some sweet potato and kale hash – I got the recipe from and kind of just threw things in the hash – I didn’t have a red pepper so I used a green bell pepper, and I had some left over leeks from the liver pâté so I threw those in there! The balsamic really gave it the kick it needed at the end and I added some chicken legs marinated in a chipotle seasoning packet (I made sure it didn’t have sugar – it was a store brand). 

My husband loved dinner so much he had to post a photo on instagram! Ha! 

All in all today was a pretty good day. I actually wasn’t even hungry for dinner. I will say I have to lighten up on the coffee at work, I have small cups but 2-3 is a bit too much. I wasn’t tired today at all, so I’m not sure what that was about but I’m taking it one day at a time and will be better tomorrow! 

Well, that’s it! Gluten free and paleo journey is just beginning and I feel pretty good! I can tell my energy is much better, my inflammation feels less and I feel lighter. I jumped on the scale today even though I didn’t want to just to see where I’m at and I wasn’t exactly happy with the number, but it didn’t upset me or make me want to give up. I feel like my mind has finally shifted, and this is do-able. Plus, I haven’t had a headache all week!! 

Not sure what recipes I have planned for tomorrow but I have some left over sweet potato hash from dinner so I’ll probably add an egg to it for breakfast or maybe some of that beef like this morning! My doc is buying the service Chinese food so I’ll have to see if I can navigate through that! 

I wonder if Chinese food is paleo? 😉

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24 Day Challenge: Day 14 & 15

Yesterday I woke up and headed to the gym for Body Pump. After that I headed home to cook chicken and then headed into work. Work was super busy, as it always is, and a bit stressful but I kept on task with my meals and supplements. After work I headed home to pack up the dogs and begin driving 5 hours to Plattsburgh, NY to visit my best friend, her husband, their new babies and their 5 year old daughter (my god daughter).

Sorry I didn’t write a post last night, I spent the night looking at this:

It was actually kind of funny that I had to pull over, get out and do 12 jumping jacks – before realizing that I could be the next victim in an axe murder film – to stay awake!

I arrived around 1am and pretty much fell asleep. I fell asleep so quickly I forgot to take my catalyst before bed! I must have been sleepy haha!

All in all day 14 was uneventful and went off without a hitch.

Day 15 started pretty similar to most days, woke up at the butt crack of dawn, walked the dogs, took my supplements and then had my shake a half hour later. Snack was some hard boiled eggs and then for lunch I had a wrap with eggs, lettuce, and tomato.

Im trying out the new crave check SR tabs today, and so far so good. Although I really haven’t craved much I knew today I would be a bit less active than I have been so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t craving anything out of lack of movement/boredom. I will say that being so used to being so physically active, I find myself wanting a nap, but I’ll probably just drink another spark shortly if I still feel tired. The dogs are tired too

way too much excitement for them at this point! Miley is not used to kids, Charlie is indifferent, so they are a bit tired from all the rambunctiousness today lol!

The plan is crockpot chicken for dinner with veggies, which sounds super yummy so I’m excited about that!

OH and I’m almost all set up for my OnRAMP courses next week, and then I get to go to any crossfit class I want – unlimited – for a month. If after the month I still want to do it I will continue! I’m excited, I feel like crossfit can really put my fitness to a new level, really push me further and challenge me more – and who knows maybe one day you’ll see my name on the screen at the crossfit games (a girl can dream).

For now you can find me hanging with these two:

While I’m away I’m really thinking a lot about how I can help other people – both financially and with their health. Im motivated to really make changes in my own health and fitness and am excited to help others too! If you want to get going and change your body let me know!! I can’t wait to talk to you more about your goals and how I can help! 

If you want more info on the challenge or any of the AdvoCare products/product lines, please email me at or check out my website: 


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AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge: Day 13 

Today I woke up with no intention of going to the gym. I decided since I did a double yesterday and experienced crossfit for the first time I’d take a break from my morning routine and wash some dishes. I also thought maybe I could go to crossfit after work. 

During work today I found myself really busy and I definitely wasn’t as hungry today as I have been – even though I didn’t go to lunch until pretty late, I still didn’t feel super hungry! 

Charlie’s nose was looking really red so the surgeon asked me to bring him in so she could make sure his stitches hadn’t popped, which thank goodness they haven’t, but he needs to be watched because he’s licking his nose too much.   

Unfortunately I didn’t leave work early enough to make it to crossfit but I’m going to go next week! I’m excited to start this and really see if I can excel! 

I feel really good about where I’m headed! 

Today’s food was pretty straight forward – breakfast was my berry meal replacement shake, snack was an AdvoBar raw, lunch was two eggs, rice, and green beans, and dinner was a panini with chicken. It doesn’t seem like a lot but I’m stuffed!! 

As today comes to an end – remember to always challenge yourself and try new things. Don’t let money be the excuse that keeps you from doing the things that scare you a bit!

Tomorrow me and the pups travel to Plattsburgh, NY to visit some family. I need to muster up the motivation to get my stuff together – but lord knows I’m not motivated at all and will probably put all my clothes together at 5am lol! 

 If you haven’t already go out and:  
If you want to get going and change your body let me know!! I can’t wait to help coach you through your 24 day challenge and beyond!  

If you want more info on the challenge or any of the AdvoCare products/product lines, please email me at or check out my website: 


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AdvoCare 24 Day Challege: Day 10

are you ready for the Max phase?  


Today was  the last day of the cleanse phase – and Mother’s Day – so before moving on I want to wish every mother a very happy day!!

Ok, so today was the last day of the cleanse, I had a pretty uneventful food day, I had egg whites, rice, and a grapefruit for breakfast. I’m not a huge fan of grapefruit but it seems to have become a staple – last night I had a grapefruit for my snack. 

After breakfast I headed to the gym to teach bodypump and then headed over to subway for a sandwich. I had a turkey sandwich on honey oat bread with lettuce, tomato, onion, green peppers, and cucumbers with a little vinegar. Then my snack was a few dates and two spoonfuls of cottage cheese. 

When my husband came home we headed out to the gym, but to our dismay the gym was closed   

So we headed to the park to do some push-ups, pull-ups, monkey bars, etc. When we got to the park I quickly realized that my ripped blister was not going to hold up so we decided to hit the road and go to dinner instead. My husband asked that we go to Friday’s because we haven’t been out in so long. Thank goodness I had my carb-ease plus  with me because my dinner had way more carbs than I had planned originally…  

I chose the salad as a side with no dressing, and my turkey club that was supposed to have avocado on it was missing the avocado which actually made me happy because that meant it was really less calories than it was supposed to be!

After dinner my husband wanted “ice cream” so we headed over to Frannies Goodie Shop in the local mall and he got froyo. I decided that I didn’t want any because I was tired and didn’t really need it! (Woah! This is kinda huge!!!!) so I chose against it and I don’t feel bad about that! 

So, all in all I think it was a pretty good day, nothing to complain about!! 

As far as tomorrow, I’m going to PLAN tonight and make sure I have everything together since the first day of a new thing is always weird for me… So I have my MNS -C prepped and seperated, my spark, catalyst, and thermoplus all put together! I will be successful in this… How about you? 


If you want to get going and change your body let me know!! I can’t wait to help coach you through your 24 day challenge and beyond!  

If you want more info on the challenge or any of the AdvoCare products/product lines, please email me at or check out my website: 


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AdvoCare 24 Day challenge: Day 9

Charlie ate!!!  

Sorry this blog series has turned into a little sour my challenge and a little about my pup but… That’s rhe beauty of “pugs and pushups!” 

Woke up this morning on my own around 6am, did my regular morning routine including spark and probiotic followed a half hour later by breakfast – today I had an oatmeal bar, a banana, and eggs. For a snack I had protein yogurt like the other day, and lunch was rice with green beans and chicken! I had a bag of trail mix for a snack between lunch and dinner and then I had chicken, rice, and green beans for dinner. I should also mention that I had a grapefruit at dinner time. 
Around 8:30 am I headed out for a jog to the park – not realizing the park was 3 miles away! When I got to the park I practiced monkey bars, rope climbs, and rings. I ripped the crap out of my hand 😦  


But that’s what I get I suppose! 

All in all today was pretty good – I felt like I was just going through the motions today – some days are like that.. 

How do you feel today?

If you want to get going and change your body let me know!! I can’t wait to help coach you through your 24 day challenge and beyond!  

If you want more info on the challenge or any of the AdvoCare products/product lines, please email me at or check out my website: 

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AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge: Day 8

Today I woke up crying – what an odd way to start the day! I didn’t have the best sleep last night because of Miley, she was crying and barking and she had me up at 12 and 3am. At 6am I woke up in tears, missing Charlie, feeling alone. How sad!! I got up and got myself together, having my spark and my probiotic, followed by fiber drink and breakfast. Then I headed to the gym for body pump and spin, and then to go pick up my boy!  

Look at that cute nose! He was still really sleepy but I was happy to be bringing him home! 

I’ve literally been watching movies and watching Charlie all day. When he gets up, I get up! 

I also started a new skin care regime today! I’m super excited about it because ever since I worked at The Body Shop I really haven’t had a skin care regime and my face definitely shows (in my opinion).  

I was super excited about the cleanser because it’s a scrubby cleanser! It feels so good!! And the night cream is so creamy it leaves your skin feeling so soft as it soaks in quickly and doesn’t leave a residue! Supplements for your body and supplements for your skin!!! 

Anyway, I posted this morning a quick update on my progress so far, and what’s even better is the text message I got from my mom this morning!  

9 freaking pounds!  This woman is on freaking fire!!! And it makes me so excited!! 

I feel like I’ve been such a bum today, but i guess once in awhile it’s good to just lay low, plus Charlie really needed me today so I just stayed home. 

I had a few more snacks than I needed, but I drank a ton of water- lunch was turkey mashed potatoes and mixed veggies, dinner was steak fajitas.. And I had a few oatmeal bars and bananas – Oh and I tried the AdvoBar Raw bar  

and I gotta say – it was really yummy! It was like I could taste that it was held together by dates and it was filling because it was a normal sized bar not like a tiny bar… Definitely something I’ll keep around for when I need a quick snack! 

I also realized today that I never did tell you all the story about the supermarket the other day. So.. Here it is: in the height of my binge eating disorder I would go to the supermarket after work and buy a bunch of things I didn’t need and when i went home I would then eat it all for fear that Patrice would come home and see it or because I felt like I had to eat it all in one sitting because who knows when I could get more – the mind of a binge eater is quite strange… Well, the other day – and a few times since then – I found myself in the supermarket for one specific thing and I found myself leaving just with that one specific thing! 

If you struggle with binge eating disorder you understand how big this is!! 

Anyway, I’m super proud of how I have been with this whole situation with Charlie and I have held pretty strong with my nutrition despite the stress! 

I’m so excited for my moms results, I’m excited for my other challengers results, I’m excited to change lives and help people!! 



If you want to get going and change your body let me know!! I can’t wait to help coach you through your 24 day challenge and beyond!  

If you want more info on the challenge or any of the AdvoCare products/product lines, please email me at or check out my website:

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AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge: Day 7

One week in! I can’t believe it’s the end of day 7 already! I actually forgot to set an alarm last. Ight. It managed to wake up at 5am for class!! So of course I headed to the gym with my spark!!

Today was a big day for me and my family – my puppy Charlie went in for soft palate resection and nares surgery as well as a dental where he had 5 incisors pulled and one premolars pulled! Charlie was really anxious and I was worried he’d cause too much inflammation so I decided to leave him in the hospital for the night. Charlie really hasn’t spent much time away from me unless he’s been at my moms house, so tonight being home without him is weird for me, but at least I have Miley and Louie! Poor char char… 

For breakfast I had my bevita breakfast bar and two eggs, for a snack I had trail mix. But, I’ll be honest today has been a bit crazy thankfully the doctor I work for bought us Chinese, so I got sushi. For dinner I had my lunch and then after dinner I had a banana and now it’s bed time!!

I’m actually really tired so I’m not going to make today’s post too long or very specific – I had a lot of anxiety today but it was great to have such amazing coworkers to keep me calm and to treat my pup. I’m so luck to work with the best! 

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AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge: Day 5

This morning I woke up before my alarm! Holy cow can you believe it?! Before my alarm!!   So of course I decided to get up and head to the gym for the morning class – but not my catalyst, probiotic, and spark! 

In class we did things like kettle bell swings, burpees, and a lot of ab work. When class was over I decided to do some box jumps – I began with 7 risers, went to 8, then 9, then 10! Each time I did 20 jumps! I know 10 risers isn’t that much but I haven’t done box jumps in a long time so I was pretty happy with myself!     

After that I went home to eat breakfast, shower, and get ready for work. Since today is Day 5 & happens to also be Cinco de Mayo my food today was very cinco-de-mayo-esk!  For breakfast I had eggs, an apple, and a bevita breakfast bar (not very celebratory but wait it gets better). That was at 8am, then at 1pm I had an apple because I was starving at work and had no time to take lunch – at 4 I had steak fajitas for lunch and a few dates which were supposed to be my post lunch snack but because I was starving I ate them anyways and then I was stuffed! Lesson learned! 

After lunch I got a text from my sponsor who congratulated me on becoming advisor with AdvoCare!  I’m super excited about this and even more so now that it seems to me like she has taken notice and I’ve done some things this week that have really made me feel good. It’s funny how I’ve literally lived my life with my head down, being shut off from the world. But since being part of AdvoCare I really feel like I’ve been given the chance to open my eyes and see people for once – Even talk to people and be thoughtful! 

Anyway, after work I was pooped, but still had plenty of energy to bring my Charlie back to the hospital for some pre-op bloodwork. He was very stressed out but he’s finally resting now ….

I realized today that I never did tell you guys about my trip to the super market…. I’ll have to save that one for tomorrow!!! So stay tuned!!

For dinner I had chicken fajitas – because what kind of cinco de mayo would it be without  fajitas!!! Hehe what a silly word… Fajita… Hehe

So, before I head off to bed I’ll have my herbal cleanse tabs and catalyst and give my Charlie a big ol’ kiss!!  

If you want to get going and change your body let me know!! I can help coach you through your 24 day challenge and beyond!  

If you want more info on the challenge, please email me at or check out my website:


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