24 Day Challenge: Day 12 (plus crossfit)

So last night I contacted a local crossfit box to see how I could check it out and pretty quickly I was invited to come to a class tonight at 8pm.  Of course I said yes!

So I woke up this morning had my spark, catalyst and thermoplus and then headed to the gym – just because I was going to a crossfit class didn’t mean I wouldn’t still do my norm! I headed to the gym for class – it wasn’t a bad class but my arm was really bothering me so I was not too happy with my performance. The class was a total body type class. After the gym I had my MNS pack and about a half hour left I had my berry meal replacement shake. I felt really hungry this morning so about two hours later (around 10) I had my AdvoBar Raw and I had some trail mix around 12. At 2 I had my MNS pack and catalyst followed by chicken, potatoes, and broccoli and some dates because dates are tasty!

After work I had some trail mix as a quick snack and then I headed over to elevation burger for a burger on a lettuce wrap with tomatoe and onion and a small thing of non-dairy frozen yogurt. Then I went to old navy and TJ maxx and got myself a cute outfit to celebrate my first crossfit experience!

 Look how bright these pants are!!!! And of course I’d take a selfie in the bathroom at the mall!

After that selfie I headed out to crossfit!

There were a few pretty seasoned people in there, one person who was there for the second time, and me. We started with learning how to do a hollow back rock, then we did supermans and rolled on softballs – who needs a foam roller!! After this we headed into the tabata part of the workout. We did air squats for 20 seconds followed by 10seconds rest followed by pushups for 20seconds and we did 6 rounds as a warmup.  Once we were all warmed up we got into the WOD – a 500m run followed by 10 rounds of 3 modified power snatches and 10 box jumps, followed by 500m run. I used the “girl bar” even though I was reluctant to use something labeled as “girl” but I figured I’d follow the recommendation since i wasn’t sure what we were going to be doing with the bar at first. When we were told to get a box I grabbed the same one as the boys and made sure it was situated so I would have a challenging height to jump. I had it standing so it was tall – up to my hips – and one of the girls came over and tried to turn it so it was lower but I asked her to keep it where it was. I told her I’d fix it if I needed to but for now it was fine. Listen, I used to girl bar I wasn’t going to use the girl box too! Guess what?! I hit those jumps like I was made to do them! Overall? It was not easy, but it was fun! I’ve already emailed the trainer to ask how I sign up!

Something I’ve learned during this challenge and my fitness journey:



24 Day Challenge: Day 11

Some days you may find that you’re more hungry than other days. All things considered (with my history of binge eating disorder) the fact that i’ve been pretty hunger-free the last 10 days or so is pretty impressive. I haven’t binged, and I even said NO to froyo, but today was the first day of the max phase where we introduce the MNS packs. I decided to use the MNS-C for appetite control because it is the best for people who have an insatiable appetite (like me – usually). Today, I don’t know if it’s in my head, or if I’m just actually hungry, but I find myself thinking about food a lot. Funny thing is, it isn’t anything specific – it’s not like I’m sitting there like “woah I really could have some (enter food of choice here)”  I just find myself feeling that little twang in my tummy all day! 


One thing that I’ve learned in all of my struggles with food is the let the storm pass – this kind of goes with everything, not just food – have you ever been in a situation where you thought “Oh my goodness, what am I going to do? How am I going to get through this?” and what eventually happened? You got through it right? There was a point in my life that I almost got thrown out of my apartment because I couldn’t afford my rent – but I pulled some strings, maintained a positive attitude despite the world falling down around me, and I wound up figuring it out so that I could stay – This same concept has been the way that I have been dealing with my eating disorder, and fitness in general. Sometimes we have bad days, sometimes those bad days turn to bad weeks – but what we need to do is stay positive and remember that “it will all work out in the end.”


Tell yourself this over and over and let the powers that be handle it. Whether you believe in God or not, believe in something – and let the universe align and figure it out. Don’t be complacent of course – continue to work on yourself and learn and grow, but at the same time stay positive and remember that it will all work out in the end!  

With that said, I had a pretty decent food day. I woke up for cardio and then for breakfast I had my meal replacement shake. I spent 40 minutes on the stair master – what’s funny is I really haven’t taken a break since I started the challenge – not because I shouldn’t take a break but because I’ve been full of energy, waking up early, and rearing to go – so why not?!

For snack I had an AdvoBar snack bar which is a great quick snack – but I find that i have to eat it really slow or my stomach and mind don’t connect the dots realizing there’s been something out in my belly!

For lunch I had chicken, rice, and green beans, and then I actually got really busy at work and skipped my snack.

For dinner I had Thai rice noodles with mixed veggies and chicken and an Amy’s burrito. I’m trying not to have too many carbs at night but since this was a pretty carb-rich dinner I made sure to take Carb-Ease Plus before-hand! I’m trying not to take this everyday – just whenever I need it!

I’m not sure that I’ll have a snack tonight before bed but if I do it’ll probably be a grapefruit because even though I never really liked grapefruit I think I kinda like it now! Haha! My how tastes change as we age!

Anyways, today’s day 1 of the MNS packs – the second phase of the 24 days….

Best part of being an AdvoCare advisor? (Besides the discount!) I’m helping others challenge themselves to become healthier! I have one woman starting her challenge today and two people right along with me. So far everyone has sent me awesome updates! And I can’t wait to share when we’re done!

Want to join!? It’s not too late (it’s never too late!)


24 Day Challege: Day 10

are you ready for the Max phase?

Today was  the last day of the cleanse phase – and Mother’s Day – so before moving on I want to wish every mother a very happy day!!

Ok, so today was the last day of the cleanse, I had a pretty uneventful food day, I had egg whites, rice, and a grapefruit for breakfast. I’m not a huge fan of grapefruit but it seems to have become a staple – last night I had a grapefruit for my snack.

After breakfast I headed to the gym to teach bodypump and then headed over to subway for a sandwich. I had a turkey sandwich on honey oat bread with lettuce, tomato, onion, green peppers, and cucumbers with a little vinegar. Then my snack was a few dates and two spoonfuls of cottage cheese.

When my husband came home we headed out to the gym, but to our dismay the gym was closed

So we headed to the park to do some push-ups, pull-ups, monkey bars, etc. When we got to the park I quickly realized that my ripped blister was not going to hold up so we decided to hit the road and go to dinner instead. My husband asked that we go to Friday’s because we haven’t been out in so long. Thank goodness I had my carb-ease plus  with me because my dinner had way more carbs than I had planned originally…

I chose the salad as a side with no dressing, and my turkey club that was supposed to have avocado on it was missing the avocado which actually made me happy because that meant it was really less calories than it was supposed to be!

After dinner my husband wanted “ice cream” so we headed over to Frannies Goodie Shop in the local mall and he got froyo. I decided that I didn’t want any because I was tired and didn’t really need it! (Woah! This is kinda huge!!!!) so I chose against it and I don’t feel bad about that!

So, all in all I think it was a pretty good day, nothing to complain about!!

As far as tomorrow, I’m going to PLAN tonight and make sure I have everything together since the first day of a new thing is always weird for me… So I have my MNS -C prepped and seperated, my spark, catalyst, and thermoplus all put together! I will be successful in this… How about you?


24 Day challenge: Day 9

Charlie ate!!!

Sorry this blog series has turned into a little sour my challenge and a little about my pup but… That’s rhe beauty of “pugs and pushups!”

Woke up this morning on my own around 6am, did my regular morning routine including spark and probiotic followed a half hour later by breakfast – today I had an oatmeal bar, a banana, and eggs. For a snack I had protein yogurt like the other day, and lunch was rice with green beans and chicken! I had a bag of trail mix for a snack between lunch and dinner and then I had chicken, rice, and green beans for dinner. I should also mention that I had a grapefruit at dinner time.
Around 8:30 am I headed out for a jog to the park – not realizing the park was 3 miles away! When I got to the park I practiced monkey bars, rope climbs, and rings. I ripped the crap out of my hand 😦


But that’s what I get I suppose!

All in all today was pretty good – I felt like I was just going through the motions today – some days are like that..

How do you feel today?


24 Day Challenge: Day 8

Today I woke up crying – what an odd way to start the day! I didn’t have the best sleep last night because of Miley, she was crying and barking and she had me up at 12 and 3am. At 6am I woke up in tears, missing Charlie, feeling alone. How sad!! I got up and got myself together, having my spark and my probiotic, followed by fiber drink and breakfast. Then I headed to the gym for body pump and spin, and then to go pick up my boy!

Look at that cute nose! He was still really sleepy but I was happy to be bringing him home!

I’ve literally been watching movies and watching Charlie all day. When he gets up, I get up!

I also started a new skin care regime today! I’m super excited about it because ever since I worked at The Body Shop I really haven’t had a skin care regime and my face definitely shows (in my opinion).

I was super excited about the cleanser because it’s a scrubby cleanser! It feels so good!! And the night cream is so creamy it leaves your skin feeling so soft as it soaks in quickly and doesn’t leave a residue! Supplements for your body and supplements for your skin!!!

Anyway, I posted this morning a quick update on my progress so far, and what’s even better is the text message I got from my mom this morning!

9 freaking pounds!  This woman is on freaking fire!!! And it makes me so excited!!

I feel like I’ve been such a bum today, but i guess once in awhile it’s good to just lay low, plus Charlie really needed me today so I just stayed home.

I had a few more snacks than I needed, but I drank a ton of water- lunch was turkey mashed potatoes and mixed veggies, dinner was steak fajitas.. And I had a few oatmeal bars and bananas – Oh and I tried the AdvoBar Raw bar

and I gotta say – it was really yummy! It was like I could taste that it was held together by dates and it was filling because it was a normal sized bar not like a tiny bar… Definitely something I’ll keep around for when I need a quick snack!

I also realized today that I never did tell you all the story about the supermarket the other day. So.. Here it is: in the height of my binge eating disorder I would go to the supermarket after work and buy a bunch of things I didn’t need and when i went home I would then eat it all for fear that Patrice would come home and see it or because I felt like I had to eat it all in one sitting because who knows when I could get more – the mind of a binge eater is quite strange… Well, the other day – and a few times since then – I found myself in the supermarket for one specific thing and I found myself leaving just with that one specific thing!

If you struggle with binge eating disorder you understand how big this is!!

Anyway, I’m super proud of how I have been with this whole situation with Charlie and I have held pretty strong with my nutrition despite the stress!

I’m so excited for my moms results, I’m excited for my other challengers results, I’m excited to change lives and help people!!


1 week down, 2.5 more to go!

Week one is done and I’m officially down 4lbs! I didn’t re-measure because I want to do the official halfway measurements on day 11 after the cleanse is over! I gotta tell you I see the biggest difference in my midsection – my legs and butt always take a long time to change, and my arms really don’t have much to lose. The biggest difference I see is in my lower tummy – it’s not as pooch-like and I also seem to me standing straighter! 

  I can’t wait to see the final results on day 25!!! 

If you want to get going and change your body let me know!! I can’t wait to help coach you through your 24 day challenge and beyond!  

If you want more info on the challenge or any of the AdvoCare products/product lines, please email me at teamsuzrice@gmail.com or check out my website: www.advocare.com/140913642

24 Day Challenge: Day 7

One week in! I can’t believe it’s the end of day 7 already! I actually forgot to set an alarm last. Ight. It managed to wake up at 5am for class!! So of course I headed to the gym with my spark!!

Today was a big day for me and my family – my puppy Charlie went in for soft palate resection and nares surgery as well as a dental where he had 5 incisors pulled and one premolars pulled! Charlie was really anxious and I was worried he’d cause too much inflammation so I decided to leave him in the hospital for the night. Charlie really hasn’t spent much time away from me unless he’s been at my moms house, so tonight being home without him is weird for me, but at least I have Miley and Louie! Poor char char…

For breakfast I had my bevita breakfast bar and two eggs, for a snack I had trail mix. But, I’ll be honest today has been a bit crazy thankfully the doctor I work for bought us Chinese, so I got sushi. For dinner I had my lunch and then after dinner I had a banana and now it’s bed time!!

I’m actually really tired so I’m not going to make today’s post too long or very specific – I had a lot of anxiety today but it was great to have such amazing coworkers to keep me calm and to treat my pup. I’m so luck to work with the best!



24 Day Challenge: Day 6

Before I fell asleep last night I set my alarm for 6:30am thinking that I would skip the gym and take a rest day since I’ve been going since Saturday without a break, but clearly my body had another agenda. I woke up this morning at 1/4 to 5AM! I wound up laying in bed for a little whole and got up around 5:30am and then I got up and headed to the gym – spark in hand. At the gym I spent 30 minutes on the stair master followed by some grip strength work – hanging around on the pull-up bars working on different grips.

After the gym I headed home to shower and eat before work. For breakfast I had my muscle gain protein, with a tsp of almond butter, and yogurt with a bevita breakfast bar.

Work was another busy day but I got the take a quick snack break a bit earlier than yesterday. I ran out of apples so my snack was a trail mix pack from the vending machine that I separated the banana chips out of (yuck, I hate those things)  and had the peanuts and raisins. Lunch was at a reasonable hour – around 2pm, and I had steak, sweat potatoes, and peppers – yum!

Here’s where things got rocky again…. I didn’t eat a mid day snack and dinner wasn’t until 8pm! I really need to get on top of this and stop what I’m doing to take a quick break.

I’m actually really tired tonight – more tired than I have been…. So, I’m going to call it a night but I’ll write more tomorrow – tomorrow is Charlie’s surgery so I’m sure I’ll have more to write!

24 Day Challenge: Day 5

This morning I woke up before my alarm! Holy cow can you believe it?! Before my alarm!!   So of course I decided to get up and head to the gym for the morning class – but not my catalyst, probiotic, and spark!

In class we did things like kettle bell swings, burpees, and a lot of ab work. When class was over I decided to do some box jumps – I began with 7 risers, went to 8, then 9, then 10! Each time I did 20 jumps! I know 10 risers isn’t that much but I haven’t done box jumps in a long time so I was pretty happy with myself!     

After that I went home to eat breakfast, shower, and get ready for work. Since today is Day 5 & happens to also be Cinco de Mayo my food today was very cinco-de-mayo-esk!  For breakfast I had eggs, an apple, and a bevita breakfast bar (not very celebratory but wait it gets better). That was at 8am, then at 1pm I had an apple because I was starving at work and had no time to take lunch – at 4 I had steak fajitas for lunch and a few dates which were supposed to be my post lunch snack but because I was starving I ate them anyways and then I was stuffed! Lesson learned!

After lunch I got a text from my sponsor who congratulated me on becoming advisor with AdvoCare!  I’m super excited about this and even more so now that it seems to me like she has taken notice and I’ve done some things this week that have really made me feel good. It’s funny how I’ve literally lived my life with my head down, being shut off from the world. But since being part of AdvoCare I really feel like I’ve been given the chance to open my eyes and see people for once – Even talk to people and be thoughtful!

Anyway, after work I was pooped, but still had plenty of energy to bring my Charlie back to the hospital for some pre-op bloodwork. He was very stressed out but he’s finally resting now ….

I realized today that I never did tell you guys about my trip to the super market…. I’ll have to save that one for tomorrow!!! So stay tuned!!

For dinner I had chicken fajitas – because what kind of cinco de mayo would it be without  fajitas!!! Hehe what a silly word… Fajita… Hehe

So, before I head off to bed I’ll have my herbal cleanse tabs and catalyst and give my Charlie a big ol’ kiss!!



24 Day Challenge: Day 4 & Charlie is getting a nose job!

Can we just talk about the energy I’ve had today? Holy cow! This morning I woke up at 6am and didn’t even reset the alarm!! I jumped up and started getting ready for the gym and work and then headed out the door – but not before I took my catalyst and drank my spark!!

Can you tell from the photo above that I was DRENCHED!? 35 minutes on the stairmaster and I was soaked! It felt so good, but my legs were a bit wobbly from all the running and drills I did yesterday!

So, before I started the challenge group I purchased a few challenges that included the old herbal cleanse. Well a few days later the new simplified cleanse came out so damn I had these two old cleanses — so my cleanse phase is a bit different than my challenge group… With that said, I clearly forgot this and drank my fiber drink today instead of taking the probiotic restore. Oops! Looks like I’m making my own rules haha!  Either way, I feel like a million bucks!

I was offered chocolate and starbursts today and I politely declined saying that I’m challenging myself to 24 days of healthy eating and right now that food is not in line with my goals but if she still has some in June I may take a piece lol but honestly – probably not.

It’s really strange – hard to explain for someone like me who tends to feel like I wear my food like I’m invisible (stole this idea from Sam but totally true) – but I really haven’t wanted anything today!! I’ll get more into that later when I tell you about my super market trip, but for now…

Work was uneventful – I had mashed potatoes, turkey, green beans and carrots for lunch, and pretzel chips with hummus for a snack. I got hungry around 5 but got busy and then all of a sudden it was 6pm! So I skipped my afternoon snack and just ate dinner – so today I skipped my mid day catalyst — oops!

That’s the beauty of this all though, it’s not a huge deal that I messed up a little today, just do it right tomorrow!

So, this isn’t challenge related but this IS called “PUGS and push-ups” right?! So I have some news about Charlie!

He’s going to get a dental on Thursday with Dr. Mary Buelow and then go to surgery with Dr. Bonczynski for a soft palate resection and nare surgery. His mouth is stinky and it’s been about two years since he had a dental, so it’s about time and since he’s going under anesthesia we figure it’s best to get his nose fixed and help him breathe since he’s really having trouble this year with the heat. Needless to say, even though I’m the one who wants to do this, and I’m the one who is paying for it and I’m the one who made the appointment, I’m freaking out!

Want to know what’s cool about this challenge? It balances your body right!? So, that includes hormones and nutrients so my body is in balance and usual stressors don’t bother me – so sure, I’m stressed out about Charlie and this elective surgery but I’m not eating everything in my house, because I don’t feel the need to! It’s so incredible how quickly ones body can start to feel good once you stop putting crap in it and start supplementing with nutrients you wouldn’t otherwise get!

For dinner I had chicken, sweet potatoes and green beans and for my snack I had my yogurt with Muscle Gain – so yum!!

I really cant stress how much I love how I feel and I can’t wait to share this with everyone I know!! 

And on that note.. Here’s my latest post on my personal Instagram… Because I love what it says, I had to share…..