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AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge: Day 4 & Charlie is getting a nose job!


Can we just talk about the energy I’ve had today? Holy cow! This morning I woke up at 6am and didn’t even reset the alarm!! I jumped up and started getting ready for the gym and work and then headed out the door – but not before I took my catalyst and drank my spark!! 

Can you tell from the photo above that I was DRENCHED!? 35 minutes on the stairmaster and I was soaked! It felt so good, but my legs were a bit wobbly from all the running and drills I did yesterday! 

So, before I started the challenge group I purchased a few challenges that included the old herbal cleanse. Well a few days later the new simplified cleanse came out so damn I had these two old cleanses — so my cleanse phase is a bit different than my challenge group… With that said, I clearly forgot this and drank my fiber drink today instead of taking the probiotic restore. Oops! Looks like I’m making my own rules haha!  Either way, I feel like a million bucks!

I was offered chocolate and starbursts today and I politely declined saying that I’m challenging myself to 24 days of healthy eating and right now that food is not in line with my goals but if she still has some in June I may take a piece lol but honestly – probably not. 

It’s really strange – hard to explain for someone like me who tends to feel like I wear my food like I’m invisible (stole this idea from Sam but totally true) – but I really haven’t wanted anything today!! I’ll get more into that later when I tell you about my super market trip, but for now…

Work was uneventful – I had mashed potatoes, turkey, green beans and carrots for lunch, and pretzel chips with hummus for a snack. I got hungry around 5 but got busy and then all of a sudden it was 6pm! So I skipped my afternoon snack and just ate dinner – so today I skipped my mid day catalyst — oops!

That’s the beauty of this all though, it’s not a huge deal that I messed up a little today, just do it right tomorrow! 

So, this isn’t challenge related but this IS called “PUGS and push-ups” right?! So I have some news about Charlie!  


He’s going to get a dental on Thursday with Dr. Mary Buelow and then go to surgery with Dr. Bonczynski for a soft palate resection and nare surgery. His mouth is stinky and it’s been about two years since he had a dental, so it’s about time and since he’s going under anesthesia we figure it’s best to get his nose fixed and help him breathe since he’s really having trouble this year with the heat. Needless to say, even though I’m the one who wants to do this, and I’m the one who is paying for it and I’m the one who made the appointment, I’m freaking out! 

Want to know what’s cool about this challenge? It balances your body right!? So, that includes hormones and nutrients so my body is in balance and usual stressors don’t bother me – so sure, I’m stressed out about Charlie and this elective surgery but I’m not eating everything in my house, because I don’t feel the need to! It’s so incredible how quickly ones body can start to feel good once you stop putting crap in it and start supplementing with nutrients you wouldn’t otherwise get! 

For dinner I had chicken, sweet potatoes and green beans and for my snack I had my yogurt with Muscle Gain – so yum!! 

I really cant stress how much I love how I feel and I can’t wait to share this with everyone I know!! 

  And on that note.. Here’s my latest post on my personal Instagram… Because I love what it says, I had to share…..


If you want to get going and change your body let me know!! I can help coach you through your 24 day challenge and beyond!  

If you want more info on the challenge, please email me at teamsuzrice@gmail.com or check out my website: www.advocare.com/140913642

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…Enter the wonders of intuitive eating

Today is a perfect example of how intuitive eating is slowly working to my advantage.  I think that one day I will have to diet again, assuming I still want to compete, but while I am learning to have a healthy relationship with food, that whole idea of dieting is kind of being thrown out the window (for lack of better words).

Today I woke up, posted a quick blog about how I’ve been doing with intuitive eating, and headed to the gym. Before the gym I took a l-carnitine supplement (click here for more info on this supplement) and drank 1 scoop of Metabolic Nutrition Tri-pep. When I got to the gym I warmed up with about 10-15 minutes of fast speed-walking, and then it was time to get ready to teach Body Pump. About 10 minutes before body pump I knew I had to eat something and of course I had planned ahead so I had my oatmeal mix (oatmeal + 1/4 cup egg whites + 1/4 cup water + ~ 1oz trail mix) which I didn’t finish – because I ate until my tummy wasn’t grumbling and then had to go teach.  I knew it wasn’t the best choice – to wait to eat until the last minute, but I also knew that I wouldn’t have had the energy to teach without eating something – so I picked the better of two evils.

After class I felt a rush of energy and decided to get in a quick back workout. Here’s what I did:10431540_10100692422431887_5202003198178565359_n

  • Superset (SS) x 4 sets – reps were around 15-20 each set: lying overhead lat pulls, seal rows, bent over rows
  • SS x 4 sets – reps between 12-16: Lat pull down (wide grip), seated cable row (tight grip)
  • SS x 4 sets – reps between 12-16: straight arm pull down (using the ropes – hands together at the top, hands at my hips at the bottom), behind the head lat pulldown medium grip
  • SS combo – 1 set: Deadlifts: Deficit for 12, straight leg for 10, sumo for 10.

I would have continued doing more deads but without a belt or straps my forearms were beginning to give especially with all the rows I had just done and body pump prior to that. It was a pretty good workout!

After I was done, I went to my favorite burger place called Elevation burger, where i got a kids burger (1 patty) in a lettuce wrap with onions, no cheese, and tomatoes. Then I headed home and made protein pudding – 1st Phorm CTC protein with a little water to make a pudding consistency (it’s like eating cinnamon toast crunch without the crunch haha!) and I put another 1oz of trail mix in my little container. I started eating the trail mix but stopped because I wasn’t really that hungry anymore.

…. Enter the wonders of intuitive eating.

I’m still learning about all of this, but it’s really becoming somethi97e725c49ab211ddba107acbd7f9b29bng that I can handle on a daily basis. Early I spoke about celebrating the little things, and I think that given my scratchy past with overeating and binge eating disorder, it’s pretty amazing that I’m able to recognize that I’m no longer hungry. A big thing I’ve noticed lately is an increase in my thirst – I’ve been very thirsty lately and I wonder if it’s because my sleep has been off, or if I’m finally recognizing thirst vs. hunger. I know that they say that in the beginning you may notice an increase in your weight at first, and maybe that’s true – but overall I feel good, and I feel like with a new tool for making good choices, I’ll be more likely to make better choices for my overall health as time goes on and as I continue to explore this anti-diet.

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31 days of clean food: day 24-25

Well, Christmas is a time for family, friends, giving, and getting…. FAT. Okay, okay, I won’t be dramatic, but these last two days have not been easy for me. Christmas Eve we went to my moms house, but not before hitting the gym – I did some cardio in the morning but I’m really finding that the week leading up to my menstrual cycle I’m getting extremely tired, and almost weak – so I wound up doing about 20 minutes on the stairmaster and 20 minutes on the treadmill at an incline and then hubby and I went to do back. The most I’ve lifted on the Tbar rows is 4-45lb plates, but today I did 3 and after a set of about 20 reps I had to haul ass to the bathroom because I thought I was going to vomit. What gives?! I didn’t, but it was such a pain in the ass. Anyway, here’s the way the 24th went.
10am Bacon and eggs, home made dark chocolate covered pineapple pieces, 5 dates, and a handful of trail mix
11am: tinytea
5pm- chicken, 1/2 cup of rice, green beans
8-turkey, 1/4 cup white mashed potatoes and a small sliver of my moms home made “dump cake” it was interesting and had apples and nuts so I was happy lol
8:30- tea
10:30- quest bar
11:30: proats & dates

On Christmas morning I woke up around 7am, had some tea and proats, and then my mom made us egg omeletes. I chose to just have eggs since I had had proats earlier. But then I decided that it being Christmas, I was not going to track and write down every ounce of food I ate. I will be honest – I didn’t eat all whole – but I did my best. If it was home made, it went into my belly – this includes cake and cookies. I also drank a lot of coffee.

I think it’s important to challenge yourself but it’s just as important to be honest and reasonable.
We didn’t go to the gym on Christmas despite having a plan on how we were going to. This week is a bit crazy with food and training. A lot of new things in the works though, possibly going to get a coach very soon – starting a new program in January to prepare for a prep for a show. I’m ready to be in the best shape of my life – I’m ready to see all these muscles I’ve spent months building…

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31 days of Clean Foods: Day 10 & Day 11


Good Morning Sunshine!

Wednesday: Day 10: Woke up 5:23am, well – actually I woke up at 5 but stayed in bed until 5:23 because I was having a lot of issues with motivation – playing on facebook/instagram sounded like much more fun. Eventually I got out of bed and walked the dogs, grabbed food for the day, and headed to the gym. I got to the gym around 6:30am and did 45min on the stair master at level 9. I’m noticing that level 9 doesn’t seem as hard – next time I will up it to level 10. I like small increments when it comes to the stair master because a small increase seems like a huge one especially when the high intervals come (yikes!! My old smoker lungs can’t handle it – HOLD UP – yes, I used to smoke. I quit about 7/8 years ago but I still feel the effects when it comes to high intensity cardio like intervals or when I’m trying to sprint on the spin bike).
After my workout I had a chocolate peanut butter quest bar and off to work I went (after the shower of course!).
At around 10am I had 1.5 of the muffins I had made the previous night (see last post for recipe!), and at 12 I had the remaining 1.5 muffins. Lunch was around 3pm, and I was unprepared as I brought two uncooked eggs – what was I thinking? – so I went to the supermarket and picked up a small package of spring mix, some Pollock, basmati rice that I could microwave and some cranberry trail mix. Lunch consisted of a handful of said spring mix, 2 pieces of Pollock, about ¾ cup basmati rice and a handful of the trail mix thrown together to make a nice sized salad.
The trail mix was probably not the best idea as I kept grabbing cranberry trail mix as snacks whenever I thought I was a bit hungry starting around 6pm.

As I was leaving work I am so delighted to see this on the table:


But don’t worry, I didn’t touch it!

When I got home around 8pm I had ¾ cup of basmati rice with 2 scrambled eggs mixed in, and then continued to snack on cranberry trail mix until about 9-9:30pm. I didn’t realize until before bed when I was writing what I ate for the day to prepare to write this out that – Holy cow I didn’t eat any veggies today!!!
Tomorrow will be better with the veggies!!
Overall my energy is pretty consistent throughout the day and I don’t feel like I need any extra coffee or caffeine in general. Fueling with whole foods (for the most part) seems to be helping with my energy levels as a whole!!

Thursday: Day 11:


I woke up at 5am rearing to go. I was excited for Body Pump, as I usually am. Because I felt woozy last time I took the morning class I made sure to have a protein shake before class. Around 5:50/6am I had about a cup of chocolate Muscleegg mixed with 1 scoop of Metabolic Nutrition Protizyme. Class didn’t start until about 6:05-6:10 so I felt like I had enough time to digest but it was probably a little more protein than needed all at one time (but oh so good!). After class I went home to shower and get myself ready for my day. At around 8am I had ½ cup of oats, 2 eggs, and ½ cup of raspberries (mixed into the oats). I really need to go food shopping, because I miss my cream of rice – oats don’t seem to sit in my stomach as well as cream of rice – but I will make due with what I have for now. After that, I cooked up some beef and rice and put together a few meals for the rest of the day and headed to work. Around 10am I was a bit hungry so I had an apple and ¼ cup of that cranberry trail mix from Wednesday. I made sure to only bring a half a cup so I wouldn’t spoon it in my mouth all day. At 12 I had the other ¼ of the trail mix because my tummy was grumbling. Lunch was between 2:30 and 3 and I had about 3oz of beef (seasoned with salt and pepper), a ½ of a 99% lean turkey burger, about ¾ cup of broccoli and ¾ cup of jasmine rice (Jasmine rice seems to digest better in my belly – the basmati rice from the day before seemed to just sit there). After lunch I seemed to be fine, but got hit with hunger pangs like no other after work. I left work at 6:45 and went home – on my way home I pass a starbucks and a GNC. I contemplated stopping for coffee but then remembered how I’d be up all night if I did that so opted for a quest bar. When I got to GNC the bars were on sale so I picked up 4 of them. I ate one of the quest bars on the way home (which to put into perspective – it literally takes me 2 minutes to get home from the GNC… the bar was gone way before I made it out of the parking lot). I got home and heated up the dinner that I had made for myself earlier in the day – 3 oz beef, 1/2 turkey burger, 3/4 cup broccoli, 3/4 cup jasmine rice and I added about a 1/2 of an orange bell pepper with 2 tbsp hummus. Here’s where things get fuzzy. Remember those quest bars? So I think I had a moment where I would have typically “binged” because between 7:45 and 8-8:15 I had eaten all three remaining bars. Logically I know this doesn’t make sense, I wasn’t hungry – But as I continue to learn about why I do things, and extrapolate information from previous experiences – I think I was “lucky” to only really have that trail mix and the quest bars available to me. I find that when I buy only one, it prevents me from doing these types of things – I’m filled and I don’t need more so I won’t go out of my way to go back to the store to buy more. But when I buy multiples – or when I buy a box of something for instance – it’s like having just the one is not the same – I “must” have them all. At least, that’s what happens. It almost feels like an out of body experience – like my logical mind is no longer in control and my “Must eat everything” mind kicks in. My goal in all of this is really to understand what drives this – what force inside me causes me to eat uncontrolled amounts of food when I’m not hungry. I could immediately go to stress or tiredness, or some emotion driven response – but I don’t feel like I was stressed, or bored, or very tired for that matter. I think the problem lies in the purchase of the product. I know that multiples are a trigger – but I bought multiples anyway, because I was really hungry. I told myself – somewhat half-assed – that I would buy more than one so I had a quick go-to snack for the following day. Last week when I bought multiple quest bars and they lasted in the house – it was because I told myself – without question – that I was buying them so that I had a quick snack throughout the week – allotting each bar to a particular day. This time I just said “yea it would be good I’ll have a snack for now and cool I’ll have something for tomorrow.” But I didn’t really commit to having a bar for the following day nor did I commit the other bars so they were fair game – or so I thought.
I don’t feel bad for eating the bars, I actually feel okay about it because I’m learning from these experiences so that hopefully they can be few and far between rather than an everyday occurrence. I still feel good, less bloated, and am full of energy! Real food = healthy & happy!IMG_5628

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31 Days of Clean Foods: Day 7

Day 7 was pretty uneventful. I woke up at 7:30, had breakfast at 8:45am which consisted of 1 cup oatmeal, 1/2 cup mixture of 1 scoop Metabolic Nutrition Protizyme Peanut butter cookie protein and 1 cup of muscleegg mixed, and then I headed to the gym. I was teaching Body Pump at 10am and I was a bit nervous – I wasn’t sure if it would be a good class or not. To my pleasant surprise the class was awesome! 14 people and the energy in the room was amazing! Each person challenged themselves and I really used all the things I learned the day before and it was a blast!
After class I headed home. At 12:50 I had lunch which consisted of 1 cup of jasmine rice, 2 organic ground turkey patties, 1/2 cup pistachios (lightly salted), 14 organic baby carrots with 2tbsp of organic hummus.
I fell asleep around 1:30 and didn’t wake up until about 3:30-4pm and when I woke up I was hungry, but had to do some work so I sat at the computer to get some stuff done.
At 4:30 I had the other 1/2 of the muscleegg mix and then at 5:30 I had 3/4 cup jasmine rice.
At 7pm my husband came home and we headed out to a local burger place that has organic grass fed beef so I had a burger in a lettuce wrap with onions and tomatoes. After dinner we headed to the whole foods market and I got a pulsin bar and about 5 date & coconut rolls (organic dates rolled in organic coconut).
I was really hungry at night but I think it’s because I hadn’t had much water at all. I’m slacking on my gallon big time and I slacked on Friday too!
At 10 I had 1/2 cup pistachios, a handful of carrots and hummus, and a banana with almond butter.
I stopped myself because I saw it turning into a big problem. I’m really tired these last few days and it’s causing me to start old habits… I must stay strong. It’s only day 7… I need sleep and maybe it won’t be so hard mentally.

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31 Days of Clean foods Day 5 & 6

Picture this: it’s Friday morning, for over a year now you have woken up every Friday morning at 7am and gone to the gym by 9am for Body Pump followed by Spin (obviously this has a few exceptions but it’s pretty much been this way). But this Friday was different. After two days off from work I woke up at 5am, got my stuff together got to the gym by 6am for fasted cardio (Stairmaster for 45 minutes), drank 1 cup of chocolate muscleegg right after, showered, and headed to work. When I got to work I had my usual cream of rice with Metabolic Nutrition Protizyme protein and peanut butter breakfast and then it was work time. We hired a new doctor, and she has a new technician who needs training since she’s a fairly new technician and she’s new to the service – so I volunteered to help out where I could with her training. I would be lying if I said the day was easy. I don’t know why I had this idea that it wouldn’t be too bad and I’d be done by 3 or 4pm. By 2 pm I was starving – hadn’t not eaten anything since breakfast at 8am, so I ran quickly to have an apple, ¼ cup of almonds, and some water. I worked through hunger, and any sort of lunch break, and I didn’t leave until after 8pm. By the time I got home at 9pm I was starving, but I really didn’t want anything – funny huh? So I had chicken and turkey (about 2oz of each) with edamame (I think about a cup) and a sweet potato. I really wanted to make sure that I didn’t eat anything that I shouldn’t have so I stayed away from the supermarket and just had when I was supposed to eat for lunch. I knew if I went to the super market it would be bad news bears and I’d make excuses for why it would be okay to eat whatever I wanted, but it would have only been because I wasn’t really running on all cylinders. Anyways, after this I cooked up some steak, made another sweet potato (I poke them a few times with a fork – 4 minutes on each side in the microwave and voila! Perfect potato), and I put together a “little” salad for Friday (Day 6). Once I had my food packed for Friday, I fell asleep on the couch around 11pm, and woke up around 12:30 to go to bed. Les Mills Body Pump AIM 1 tomorrow bright and early in Maryland!

IMG_5563BEEP BEEP BEEP! The alarm went off at 3am. Since I had everything all set up the night before I was able to just get up and get to it – although half asleep, I was surprised how fast I got up and out. I was out the door by 3:40am – while leaving my complex I swiped my front bumper on the concrete wall taking some paint off – which made me seriously consider going back to bed, but of course, I didn’t. While in the car I had a cream of rice and oatmeal mixture with 1 scoop of Metabolic Nutrition ProtIMG_5566izyme. At 7am I stopped at the Delaware Welcome Center and got some coffee, I also had an apple and ¼ cup of almonds. I arrived at the Bethesda YMCA at 7:45am, full of excitement and nerves.

The day went well, I won’t go into it with minute by minute detail because I think it’s important for other instructors to experience the AIM module for themselves and not through me, but I will tell you this – we started with an introduction, we found out what track we would be presenting, and we got right into it. The room was broken into two groups – two people teaching at the same time to a group of other instructors. This reminded me of my AFAA group fitness certification, where there was other things going on and you had to tune it out and just listen to the music and do what you do. As soon as each person was done the instructor gave us “feedback on the fly” where she went over what we did good and things to work on for the second presentation later in the day. She said that I have great form, clean lines, and I’ve got layer 1 down pat. She said I am good with short cues teaching people “like a bodybuilder” would. I laughed, because that’s sort of what I do – which made me happy because it’s recognized and not a bad thing. She said that I need to work on getting people to move better – and really focus on the layer 2, challenging people and making sure to give the track focus and remind them throughout what that focus is. I was overjoyed that nowhere in that conversation was my voice mentioned – during my initial training all my instructor kept saying was that I needed to find my voice (well Adam, I guess I found it!! I’m not the quiet girl anymore!!).

She said that I have great form, clean lines, and I’ve got layer 1 down pat. She said I am good with short cues teaching people “like a bodybuilder” would. I laughed, because that’s sort of what I do – which made me happy because it’s recognized and not a bad thing.

After the presentations we all came together and began discussing Les Mills more indepth – we talked about the difference between brands and products and how as an instructor we are the face of Les Mills. If we are passionate about the program, we are the interface between our participants and the company – so what we portray will be what the members believe Les Mills to be as well. This is one big responsibility if you ask me, but I’m okay with that because I literally LIVE for body pump! It sounds crazy, but I love it so much and it really has helped keep me on my journey! Around 10am we took a little break and I had a half of my sweet potato and about 2oz of organic deli turkey.

We talked about the Body Pump brand, and how everything we do brings members either closer or farther away from the program. After we went over some more businessIMG_5587 we did some flexibility tests and got moving. I’ll leave the specifics out, but I will say for anyone who has gone through an AIM 1 training – my low back was killing me the entire way home but it was challenging and I’m better for it! Then we had a break for lunch. Lunch came around 2pm and I was famished. I knew that I had steak and a salad and another half of a sweet potato but I wanted some coffee as I was starting to lose steam. So, I used my GPS to find a 7-eleven and I was on my way! While I was there I picked up some Krave Beef Jerky, and some quest bars for the drive home. I also picked up a Caveman bar. I had never heard of them before but all of the IMG_5588ingredients were readable and I thought why the heck not! So for lunch I wound up having the caveman bar, 1.5oz of steak, the other half of my sweet potato and coffee. I should mention too that during this entire day I was drinking a gallon of water.

Then, after moving and challenging each other, we talked about coaching. We went into voice just a little more than the initial training (at least my initial training) and discussed where we could dial up and do something more or dial down and do something less. I asked about being too authoritative – being too much – because sometimes I walk in the room with a body builder/hardass type attitude and I really need to remember on a daily basis that not everyone in my class has my goals – and I’m there to help them with their goals! At 3 pm I had a banana while we dove deeper into our goals as instructors and started thinking about how we were going to present in just a short while.

We scripted a little bit before our final presentation, and we were given the opporunity to practice our scripts before we had to put our practice to use. Since we had 15 people we went through the entire release, all together for the warm up, and then tracks 2 – 8, each person presenting (again with the room split) and then we all came together to do the squat track as one large group. After our second presentation we all cleaned up the room while our trainer wrote out evaluation forms. My evaluation form was really quite good, She didn’t tick off the box saying that I’m AIM 2 ready, but that’s okay – even though this was my goal for today. Although I screwed up my choreo a bit in the second set, she marked that I did choreo, that I teach in the essence of Body Pump, that my technique is on point, and for the most part my coaching is quite good. She said that I added more followup than before but I just need to work on this more. I was very proud of myself for going through this day despite all of the things against me and I made sure to fuel myself which I’m sure is a huge reason why I was able to successfully complete the day.

I left around 6:15pm after finishing the training, and my gallon of water, to head back to NY and boy did I hit traffic. My first hour was literally stop and go and IIMG_5571 was hungry from just burning myself out during the last presentation, but I had a quest bar and my jerky to hold my tummy. At 8:45pm I stopped at the Delaware Welcome center again (which was only 45 minutes from the training but took me an hour and a half to get there because of traffic) and got a liter of water and filled my gas tank. During this stop I also had my second quest bar. At 10pm I was in NJ fighting myself to stay awake, contimplating stopping and taking a nap, I decided to eat something – maybe that would help. I had 1.5oz of steak and about a handful of the salad that I had made which was literally just iceberg lettuce in a ziplock tupperware container. Although tired I was close to the GWB and decided to just muscle through.

I arrived home around 10:45pm and immediately hit the showers. I fell asleep sometime around 11:30pm/12am happy with how my day went but utterly exhausted!

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31 days of clean foods: Day 3

So today I was off from work (sort of, more on that later) but I still got up at 5am for fasted cardio by 6am. I’m still taking too long to get out of the house but it’s definitely a work in progress and if I have to get up earlier, I will just have to do that. So, I decided the stairmill was a good idea today and I forced myself to stick it out despite wanting to take a 2 minute rest at around 35 minutes – I tried “positive self talk” and just told myself to keep going, work harder, and not to quit until the 45 minutes was up. I walked for about 10 minutes once I was finally done with what felt like the never ending 45 minutes of intervals on my friend/foe mr stairmill and headed home. Once home I ate my breakfast which consisted of about 32g of cream of rice, 1 scoop of Metabilic Nutrition Protizyme peanut butter cookie protein and 1/8 of a cup of almonds because I really just didn’t want…. Yes I said it… I didn’t want peanut butter.
At about 9:45 I decided I was hungry but it was probably bordum, and I had my other quest bar from the other day – not too bad, two bars lasted more than 2 days in my house (new world record?) and had already finished 2 liters of water by 10 am.

I took today off from work because I haven’t been feeling good and today is really no exception. I’m not 100% me and I don’t exactly know why – moments of dizziness and sinus pressure with a lovely headache to top it all off. I’m just kind of tired, but I don’t think it has anything to do with food, maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’s my body getting used to this “healthy” real food I’m eating. It’s only day 3 so I’m not sure how true that is. It’s interesting though because I got strep throat back before I did my initial body pump training and now, three days before AIM 1 I’ve been struck with the ick. Coinkeedink?

I’m reading this book called “The Sports Gene: inside the science of extraordinary athletic performance” by David Epstein. I’m only on chapter 5 but it’s very interesting, and helps get me through the 45 minutes on the stairmill without becoming overly bored.IMG_5241.JPGI love reading and learning new things, and as I become increasingly interested in sports nutrition and athleticism I find myself turning to sciencey books related to sports and how elite athletes become elite. I was leaving the gym today when I had a quick, but very good conversation with Phillippa, the woman who works the front desk at the gym that I both train at and teach Les Mills BodyPump. She said “you work at the animal hospital? I thought you were training for a crossfit competition, but I guess we all need a day job to get paid right?” I laughed and replied “I’ve always wanted to do crossfit but I just don’t have an extra 200$ a month right now” she went on to tell me that she competes (she said in what but I don’t remember as I was half dead from 45 minutes of fasted cardio) and that one day she decided to just close her eyes and go for it. I told her I feel like it’s my calling to do this, to be physically active in any capacity that I can be, and she said that I not only could, but SHOULD compete in the crossfit games. Of course that couldn’t just happen right off the bat – being that I’m inexperienced with everything that IS crossfit other than understanding some lingo, watching the 2014 games, and having a general idea through powerlifting, weight lifting, body pump, and other athletic sports I’ve had experience with – what it’s all about – it would be a long time until that happened – it was very interesting to hear from pretty much a perfect stranger that I not only have the body of a competitor but I seem to have the determination and drive to do so. How can someone see all that in one hour of watching me die on a stairmill and having a quick 5 minute conversation while she tried to run my card since my membership was 2 days overdue? (Oops!) How can someone who doesn’t know who I am until I say “I teach Bodypump on Sunday” get so much insight into what I’m capable of? Has she paid attention to me before? I mean, I’m in the gym everyday (or close to it). Potential … Determination … Drive … Bravery … It’s funny how my whole life I’ve always held myself back, this short conversation has really led me into deep thought of how much I let money or fear stop me from doing what I feel like I’m destined to do.
So many things running through my head – I’m entertaining the idea of getting my personal trainer certification so maybe I can take on some clients to save up for crossfit dues or more les mills certifications? I’m interested in the ISSA sports nutrition certification as well, and all the while I’m still interested in continuing with my vet tech career. Can someone be interested equally in two completely different fields? Can I find the time to train as much as I would like to and still be present at work the way I should be for my patients? It’s going to be interesting to see how 2015 plays out. I’m pretty sure in the next day or so I’m going to put together my list of what i want to accomplish in 2015. Most of the things on my 2014 list actually got done… I’m excited to sit down and get my thoughts together around what I want to do… I know that when I put my mind to it, I get it done… So let’s see what I can come up with 🙂 more on that at a later date though…
Moving on to the rest of my day…

Lunch was at around 12 and consisted of roughly 2 oz beef, 3 oz chicken, 1 cup green beans, 1 small ~ 120g sweet potato. Boy did that fill me up! I ate all the green beans first then the meat and I had the sweet potato without the skin!
I had a meeting at work at 2pm (hence me sort of being off) so I brought 1/8 cup almonds and an apple with me, and headed out to the meeting. The meeting wound up not starting promptly and I wound up having to wait so at around 2pm I ate the above mentioned snack. Our meeting finally started around 3-3:30 and was over around 4:50pm which worked out because I had been asked to cover a class for a fellow instructor at the gym who had a horrible migraine headache so I headed over to substitute teach body pump for her. Even though I haven’t really been feeling well, I made the decision to help her out since she seemed much sicker than me, plus we are like family so we help each other whenever needed! Class went well, and afterwards I saw this on the sign up sheet for the class!
IMG_5250.JPGwhich totally made me feel great, but I was hungry when it was over at 6:30pm. I couldn’t wait to get home and eat! Thank goodness I had prepared for dinner earlier in the week when I cooked up a LOT of chicken!
When I got home I heated dinner up and my hubby and I enjoyed baked chicken (4oz for me, unknown amount for hubs lol but 4-5 pieces of chicken breast so probably closer to 6-8 oz) seasoned with Himalayan salt and pepper, green beans (I had about a cup – his was half his enormous plate) and jasmine rice – half a cup for me, 1.5 cups for the hubs! After that I was still really hungry so I made a mug cake from 1 scoop Metabolic Nutrition Protizyme peanut butter cookie protein powder, 1 large brown egg, three raspberries and water. It was most definitely filling and made my tummy happy! Since I really didn’t eat anything from 2-7 I was feelings quite hungry, it’s funny because I mentioned twice that I was hungry today but it wasn’t at any point a trigger to binge – just eating to fuel my body which is awesome!

On another note I’m excited because my chocolate muscleegg came in today! I can’t wait until it’s thawed so I can get my chocolate “milk” on tomorrow!!!

I also should mention that I’ve been taking all of my supplements except the omegas at dinner, I really need to get better about this! (For full list of supplements see Day 1 blog).

Time for bed….

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31 Days of Clean Foods: Day 2

Day 2 started like every Tuesday starts: up at 5am, at the gym by 6am for Cardio kickboxing and some light weight work/bands and kettle bells. By about 45 minutes in my stomach started yelling at me so I was glad I planned ahead with one scoop of Metabolic Nutrition’s peanut butter cookie protein with 10oz of the chocolate milk I bought the day before! At 7am I left the gym with protein shake in hand to head home and get ready for a very a long day of work ahead of me. For about two days I haven’t been feeling very well so I was excited to get this day over with and hopefully start feeling better. I got home and walked the dogs, IMG_5220.JPGstill not feeling well but a little better – and much less rushed today, I got ready for work at headed in for 9am. At 11 am I took a short break for a quest bar – I’m glad I brought it because I really needed something and didn’t have a lot of time to make any of the food I brought since we were super busy today at work. We were all a bit behind so at 2 I had a 1/4 cup almonds and an apple because my lunch wasn’t going to be until later (at least after 3) and I was starting to get hungry. I finally had lunch at around 3:20. The doc I work for ordered us Chinese so I got steamed chicken and broccoli with plain white rice. I scooped out what looked about 1 cup, had about a cup of the chicken, and about 6 or 7 broccoli spears. It was filling, it was bland, but it was free lunch and pretty “clean” despite not making it myself. I brought steak and green beans to have too if I got hungry, and at the time I figured I’d probably have that around 6:30/7 when I left work and then planned to have a protein shake before bed.

I’m taking a sick day from work on Wednesday (Day3) because I really still am not feeling well so I’ll be resting and eating super bland/clean – white rice and chicken and sipping on chicken broth probably all day … Really need to kick this little cold in the butt.

So I didn’t get to eat my food at 6:30 like planned. I actually wasn’t very hungry until around 7:30, which was fine because I left work around that time. When I got home I had cream of rice (I usually measure this out to about 30-33g which keeps the carb gram at about 30-35g – a full serving is 45grams) with 1 scoop Metabokic Nutrition Peanut butter cookie protein and about 1.5 tbsp all natural Peanut butter. This is usually a pre-workout staple but it had been a few days since having it and it really is one of my favorite meals so I decided it’s what I wanted!
Then, I decided I wanted my other quest bar but thought it’s better for me to have real food so I had about 2oz of steak, ~1 cup of white rice (from lunch) and 1 cup of green beans. So, although it’s not ideal for me to eat two meals within an hour of each other, I wasn’t really hungry today and then when I got home my head started to hurt again so I wanted to make sure I was well fed, not that I wake up in the middle of the night and want to eat everything in the house. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep at around 9:15pm, woke up on the couch at around 1:30am, and then finally moved in to bed to finish out the rest of my night sleep.

All in all it was a pretty uneventful day, busy at work, but uneventful otherwise. That seems to be how it works out – you know, this thing we call life – it only seems to be eventful if we make it that way. Maybe it’s just me not being at 100% and maybe it’s me just having a boring day, but I feel good about the food I ate, I didn’t feel like I wanted anything other than what i had, and I was actually a bit hesitant to eat the Chinese but I remember that I have to not overcomplicate things and do the best I can!

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31 Days of Clean Foods: Day 1

Today is my first day back to work after 5 days off, the first day of December, and the first day of my self proposed 31 days (I changed it to 31 days to be the full month of December) of clean foods.

Here’s my criteria for what constitutes as “clean” :

  • All produce
  • All unprocessed frozen fruits and veggies
  • Organic deli meat (This is more for convenience because of my schedule and I won’t eat this everyday)
  • Any animal protein
  • all RAW ingredients – for instance: if it comes from the isle sections at the super market – it should have only one or two ingredients. (this has been a tough one and it’s only day 1!!)
  • I will allow myself to have an occasional Quest bar as it is “clean” to an extent but this might change (for now I will have one on hand in case I’m starving and it will keep me out of the vending machine at work)
  • I will take Metabolic Nutrition C.G.P. every morning before my workout
  • I will take a multivitamin daily
  • I will take L-arginine in the morning and before bed (until I find research that tells me this is incorrect usage)
  • I will continue to drink Advocare’s Spark before my workouts
  • I will continue to drink Advocare’s Slam when I really need a boost
  • I will continue to take Advocare’s Thermoplus until I no longer have any and then I may or may not reorder
  • I will continue to drink Metabolic Nutrition whey protein shakes as part of my overall health plan

I will continue to add/subtract from my criteria as the month goes on and I learn more about what eating clean really means.

Moving on…


Today was neither hard nor easy. I woke up at 5:30am and took – what seemed like – forever to get ready. I had to feed the dogs, feed the tree (this silly Christmas Tree is like another child! Why did I say okay to getting a real tree??) I couldn’t find my pants so I made my husband get out of bed to help me, and finally got out of the house at 6:45am! The plan was to get out of the house by 6:15, to the gym by 6:30, and be done with my cardio by 7:15 so I had plenty of time to shower and get ready for work so I could make and eat my breakfast and get to work on time. This clearly did not happen. I was in the gym by 6:55, on the stairmill by 7:00 and finished at 7:45am. I ran out of the shower and got to work at 8:04am to find out that two of the drop off patients were there waiting for me! Yikes! This meant not a lot of time for food – or anything at all – welcome back to work!

I finally got a chance to drink my protein shake at 8:45am which is much later than I’d have like to! I’m really trying to eat something within 15-30 minutes of my fasted cardio – the longer I’m fasted the more opportunity my body has to take it’s energy from my muscles – in essence breaking down the wrong macronutrient since I want it to break down fat – which it will do with the fasted cardio at no longer than 45 minutes! Anyway, after this the rest of the day went pretty well.

At around 11am I had about 1/4 cup of raw almonds – I would have liked to make this a more complete snack but I didn’t have a whole lot of time (this would have been a prime time for a quest bar). And at 1:30 I had lunch. For lunch I had about 1 cup of jasmine rice, about 2 cups of iceberg lettuce, 1oz chopped hazelnuts (they were in my bag and looked like they’d taste good as an extra added fat source), 4oz of baked chicken breast, and 6 cut up organic grape tomatoes. I had no idea how good this would be, I tend to just mix all different things together with a total disregard for flavor, but this was really good! I was surprised by how full I was – I wasn’t over full, but I was satisfied and I was satisfied for over 5 hours!! That is almost unheard of in my world!

At around 6pm I started to get a little hungry and it was almost time to leave, so I decided I’d finish up with what I was doing with work and then I’d eat my snack on my way home. The next time I looked up it was already 6:45 and oooo boy was my stomach grumbling. It’s important that I don’t let myself get too hungry because this has been a binge eating trigger in the past. I decided it was about time to leave work so I grabbed my medium honeycrisp apple (my all time favorite, I really wish they were all year round kind of apples) and 2 oz of organic deli turkey for the road.

I don’t really like eating in my car because it has become a bad habit – and a place where I can eat where no one can see me – which in turn has been a binge eating trigger as well, but I decided I had to go to the bank and pick up some meat for dinner so this was my best bet – plus I didn’t have any other food with me so I was pretty safe.

I headed to the bank and then to the supermarket. While at the supermarket I picked up some thinly sliced chicken breast and some thin sliced flank steak. I also picked up a few quest bars and an organic chocolate milk that literally had whole milk and cocoa powder as ingredients. I don’t usually do dairy but I was really craving chocolate and decided that this was probably my best bet – plus chocolate milk is a great recovery drink after a tough workout so I thought maybe I can add it to my shake tomorrow or Wednesday?! (So, maybe the chocolate milk wasn’t the “cleanest” of foods but, I’m still human and this is a work in progress – plus I promised that I would be honest and document everyIMG_5196thing!

When I got home I took care of the pups, and I cooked the flank steak and baked a sweet potato. I also decided it was a good idea to have two eggs and about 1 cup of green beans. Again, I don’t think about flavor, I just put things together! This meal was actually pretty darned good and I had IMG_5204it at about 8:45/9pm.

After 5 days of being home, Charlie was not happy that I left him all day. Definitely taking some time to cuddle with my poopsy – this is good for the mental health!!

Knowing that I will probably be asleep by 10pm I don’t have plans on eating anything else – but I will be honest, know that those quest bars are there is troubling me a bit – but I have to be strong. I will leave them and eat them when I’m actually hungry.

Oh, I should also mention that I have had 1 gallon of water today and I was chewing a piece of Orbit gum between lunch and my late afternoon snack.

SO far I think Day 1 has gone well. I’m a bit nervous about scheduling in the next few weeks because my schedule at work is about to get really crazy – I’m pulling in extra shifts which is going to throw off my training, which means I’m actually really glad that I’m going to be doing this but it also means that I’m going to have to be strong and really stick to the plan!

What are some of your tips/tricks for eating clean? Do you find that recipes can sometimes be overwhelming? What’s your favorite go-to meal while eating clean?

Hopefully at the end of the month I’ll be able to answer more of these questions!! Stay tuned to find out!

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