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Couples Workout!

They say that couples that workout together stay together! We used to workout together all of the time, but in the last few years we have “gone our separate ways” – he, towards body building, me, to crossfit and group fitness. Although we still workout together occasionally, this work out felt like old times!

Yesterday, my husband asked me if we could go to the track because he has been feeling like he really needs to up his cardio. He’s gotten stronger at the gym, lifting weights he once only dreamed of, but it’s become apparent that he gets winded doing simple things and that has got to stop. So we headed to the track!


1 lap around the track
50 walking lunges (25 each leg)
1 lap around the track
50 air squats
1 lap around the track
20 burpees
1 lap around the track
20 push-ups
1 lap around the track
20 burpees
1 lap around the track
50 air squats
1 lap around the track
50 walking lunges (25 each leg)
1 lap around the track

It was harder than I anticipated but it was really great to work together and help push each other. We were really driving each other to do more and to work harder! After the workout we played around and I did some hand stands – nothing like practicing being upside down after a long workout! Then we stretched and headed home!

It was really nice to be out there together. He seemed genuinely interested in some functional fitness, but did say he’d never make it at crossfit.. who knows, maybe after a few of these track workouts he’ll be more interested in getting stronger in different ways!!


  • Do you work out with your significant other?
  • What are your favorite workouts to do together?
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Update: I’ve turned into one of THOSE people

What an interesting title since I haven’t written in awhile. Sorry, life has been a bit hectic around here – I just seem to never stop working lately! With our focus on building our AdvoCare business and my schedule at my full-time vet tech job, life has been a bit crazy! 

I can’t believe my last blog was about the Spartan! (Don’t worry, I’ll get into what that title is all about shortly šŸ˜‰) Since the Spartan sprint I have signed up for the Spartan Super in Palmerton, PA on July 11th and the Spartan Beast in Killington, VT on September 19th. I’ve bit the Spartan bug, drank the Spartan kool-aid and I’m hooked! I’ve seen some photos of the Killington mountain and I can’t seem to figure out what in the world I was thinking but, I’m pretty determined to get that trifecta medal! I feel like it will be the ultimate accomplishment – those races are not easy, and it will solidify that I am no longer just some girl who likes to workout, but I’m an athlete… You have to be to complete these races!! 

That brings me to that title of mine… So what type of person have I become?    …. That’s right, this photo is of my very first crossfit competition last Saturday! I’m officially a crossfitter! 

Okay, okay, close your gapping mouth – I know all of the concerns about crossfit : it’s expensive, it’s unsafe, people get really hurt, they are a cult, etc, etc. Don’t get me wrong – I love lifting, I love Body Pump, and I love challenging myself, but I have really been drawn to crossfit as a way to step up my athleticism. After only 3 weeks of crossfit 4-5x a week, I competed in my first competition and came in 8 out of 15… This was after working an overnight and very little sleep and food. I’m sure had I slept I would have been higher on that scoreboard but I’m very proud of myself for coming in 8th in the scaled division (basically this means modified – so the weight is less and the movements are not advanced – i.e. deadlifts instead of snatches).  I’ve also since purchased some pretty sweet gear – new sneakers, strength wraps, and a jump rope! I also got some PVC pipe to stretch and practice the overhead squat and snatch movements.  I’ve gone from being completely unable to do movements like toes to bar (exactly what it sounds like) and pull ups to being able to do a few of each! I’m really feeling strong and challenged! I’d quickly like to address two other points – first – cost. Yes, crossfit is expensive – but so is Starbucks coffee. We drink 5$ cups of coffee for the name and the experience. Many people will go without food to have their coffee in the morning, because it’s worth it so they make it happen. In order to pay for crossfit I had to make some changes in my finances – cut a little here, cut a little there, but I figured it out because it’s important to me. Second – crossfit is only dangerous if you don’t focus on form and do more than you are capable of. A lot of people hurt themselves because they don’t take the time to learn their bodies and what they are able to do. Also, with any gym, you have some coaches (trainers) that may be more experienced than others – you may have a coach that doesn’t really focus so much on safety and doing movements correctly – allowing for mistakes and ultimately people getting hurt. Luckily I have found a box (gym) that has some really awesome coaches, and I know my own bodies capabilities and where I can push it and where I should scale it back.      I guess I can also address the last point I made earlier in this post – and that is that crossfit is a cult. If by cult you mean:  a relatively small group of people having (religious) beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister…. Then sure, call it a cult. But in reality crossfit is all about culture. The coaches and other members are so motivating – they cheer you on, and everyone really helps each other push harder. I’ve quickly joined a family that I was welcomed into with open arms! 


What are you passionate about? Have you ever tried crossfit? What’s something that you have made adjustments in your life (not just financial) just so you can enjoy it? 

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All-or-Nothing or somewhere in-between

As I get older I realize how important it is to stay up to date and do your own research. I’ve always been an all or nothing kind of girl – with everything, but I’m starting to learn that sometimes it’s better to do your homework before jumping with both feet in. I tend to get an idea and run with it and do my research during the process – and over the years this has not always been good for me. I’m beginning to learn to “live in the grey zone” somewhere between the all and the nothing.
It started with reading “Intuitive Eating” where I learned principles to which I can learn or re-learn how to have peace with food by eating the way we were born to eat – intuitively. Learning to trust myself… This is new…
To me, this is grey. There is no set “eat this, don’t eat that”; there is no one telling me I did good or bad; there are simply 10 principles to integrate into your life to find peace with food – something I’ve spent years trying to figure out and over the last month or so have felt much better – not perfect – but much better – progress.
Perfection is black and white. Progress is grey and I have found myself searching daily for progress rather than the all-or-nothing perfection.


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31 Days of Clean Foods: Day 12 & 13

Friday, December 12th. Day 12.
At 5am I woke up, got to the gym around 6:30 and hit the stairmill at level 10 for 45 minutes. Once done with my cardio I headed in to work. Around 9am I was starving so I had 1/2 cup oats, 8 oz muscleegg, 1/4 cup of raspberries, 1 scoop Metabolic Nutrition Protizyme protein mixed together in a shake. Work wasn’t too bad, not too busy which usually means I get hungry sooner, but given that I hadn’t eaten right after cardio like I should have, around 11:30 I grabbed an apple. For some reason this apple had me full for awhile because I didn’t eat lunch until 3. Lunch consisted of 3 oz of beef, 3/4 cup jasmine rice, and 3/4 cup broccoli. Yum! After work I headed home for another meal which happened around 7pm and consisted of 3 oz beef, 3/4 cup jasmine rice, and 3/4 cup broccoli again! (I really love me some jasmine rice). Around 8:30pm I had a handful of trail mix that really only had seeds left in it and two spoonfuls of almond butter.
I’m feeling good about my food intake, but I miss lifting. I feel like all I’ve done this week is cardio. I can’t wait till tomorrow and Sunday because this girl is going to pick up something heavy!

Saturday, December 13th. Day 13
Wake up time today = 7am. Pretty soon after waking up I made a shake that consisted of 1/2 cup oats, 8 oz muscleegg, 1/4 cup of raspberries, and 1 scoop Metabolic Nutrition Protizyme protein. After my shake I headed to the gym for the surfer abs class from 8am-9am. This class utilizes core exercises that aren’t just plain ol’ crunches. We do all different types of planks/pushups/and plyometrics to really engage the core. I like doing different types of exercises! Anyhow, after the class I decided to hit shoulders – doing a very DLB-(Dana Linn Bailey)-esk type shoulder training that involved giant supersets!
After the gym I headed to the deli and got my breakfast. So, around 11am I had 2 eggs, one slice of organic cheddar, and a slice of turkey with a pint of mixed fruit.
Lunch was at 1:45pm and consisted of 1 turkey burger, 1 egg, 1 cup green beans, and 1 sm/med sweet potato. Around 4pm I had another shake with 1/2 cup oats, 8 oz chocolate muscleegg, 1/4 cup of raspberries, 1 scoop Metabolic Nutrition Protizyme protein (this is becoming a weekend favorite). Then we headed back to the gym to hit back. I hit some serious weights and by the time we got home I was quite literally – exhausted. So around 8pm I had about 4 oz of turkey, salad greens, corn, beans, rice, and 1 cup of veggie soup.
Not to far after this, I fell asleep – like into a dead, you can’t move me, kind of sleep… It felt good….. I guess I really needed the rest!

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31 days of clean foods: day 9

Today I woke up 5am, I had a shake with one scoop of metabolic nutrition protizyme, 1 organic banana, and about 1/2 cup muscleegg before heading to the gym for my workout. I got to the gym for the Beach body burn groupX class at 6am. The class didn’t really get started until around 6:10 but we worked hard from that point til about 6:55am. Class was hard, 25lb plate squats super setted with front leg raises. Side leg raises with weighted plate, bear crawls, a lot of Burpees, frog jumps, etc. It was challenging but most definitely not the hardest thing I’ve done – that’s okay though, I always enjoy the Tuesday class.
After class I went home to shower and get ready for work. On my way out the door, around 8:30am I had 2 eggs and 2/3 cup raspberries. I got to work at 9am, and it didn’t seem like it was going to be too bad of a day.
Around 11 I got hungry so I had 1/2 cup pistachios which held me over until lunch where I had 4oz chicken breast, 1 cup green beans, 3/4 cup jasmine rice at 2:30/3pm.
We had a meeting at work from 6-8pm so I had about 5carrots and hummus while everyone else are breaded chicken and pasta that my job provided for us.
Around 8pm I left work and by 9 I was really hungry so I had 3/4 cup jasmine rice, 4oz chicken, 1tbsp hummus, and 1/4 cup almonds.
-At around 9:45 I decided I was going to try to make some protein muffins. To make them I used

2 organic bananas, 2 scoops of Metabolic nutrition Protizyme, 1 cup oats, 1/3 cup muscle egg
Use food processor to squish bananas to make a paste, add other ingredients and mix
Bake in preheated oven at 350 for 15-18 minutes
Makes 6 small muffins

When they were done I ate 3 of them, leaving 3 for tomorrow at work.

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