31 days of clean food: days 21-23

The last few days had been busy, worked til late last night and didn’t get a chance to post so I’m posting days 21-23. Next post will be up after Christmas so I can have some time with the family. These last few days have been rough – between my stomach hurting and working long…

31 Days of Clean foods Day 5 & 6

Picture this: it’s Friday morning, for over a year now you have woken up every Friday morning at 7am and gone to the gym by 9am for Body Pump followed by Spin (obviously this has a few exceptions but it’s pretty much been this way). But this Friday was different. After two days off from…

Arm day!

Click the photo below to view our arm workout today! Follow each week as we document our progress! Today Charlie made his debut!! More to come!!

Shoulder Day!

We’ve decided to start documenting our workouts. Check us out on YouTube… It’s always fun working out with these boys!!!!