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Spending more time with my pets…

I don’t write about them often, but for those who know me, my pets are more like my children – an extension of who I am. When I started this blog I wanted to bring my love for fitness and my love for pets together. It’s a work in progress – as is much of my life – but I’d like to really explore this more in the coming new year. 

As a licensed veterinary technician I understand what it means to care for a pet, I see love and loss on a daily basis, and when I get home I sometimes don’t give my “kids” the attention they deserve.  A lot of times I think this is because work gets me pretty burnt out – on long emotional days, it’s hard to come home and allow my mind to be present. 

During the holidays this year I find myself reflecting on this and trying to figure out how I can make it better. Have you ever been sitting on your phone and your pet jumped up and tried to get your attention!? It happens to me on a daily basis. I think about how I can give them more attention while still feeling connected to the world — and then I realize that I’m not feeling connected at all when I completely disconnect from those who are most important to me. 

This holiday has had me spending a lot of time alone – without the accompaniment of human interaction. In reality though, I’m not alone because I’ve been with my pets – which has got me thinking that I don’t spend enough time with them – really paying attention to them… 

So, in 2016 I plan to not only write more about my own pets, but bring more pet related topics to this blog – and eventually maybe even discuss how to stay fit and healthy with your pets! 


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AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge: Day 4 & Charlie is getting a nose job!


Can we just talk about the energy I’ve had today? Holy cow! This morning I woke up at 6am and didn’t even reset the alarm!! I jumped up and started getting ready for the gym and work and then headed out the door – but not before I took my catalyst and drank my spark!! 

Can you tell from the photo above that I was DRENCHED!? 35 minutes on the stairmaster and I was soaked! It felt so good, but my legs were a bit wobbly from all the running and drills I did yesterday! 

So, before I started the challenge group I purchased a few challenges that included the old herbal cleanse. Well a few days later the new simplified cleanse came out so damn I had these two old cleanses — so my cleanse phase is a bit different than my challenge group… With that said, I clearly forgot this and drank my fiber drink today instead of taking the probiotic restore. Oops! Looks like I’m making my own rules haha!  Either way, I feel like a million bucks!

I was offered chocolate and starbursts today and I politely declined saying that I’m challenging myself to 24 days of healthy eating and right now that food is not in line with my goals but if she still has some in June I may take a piece lol but honestly – probably not. 

It’s really strange – hard to explain for someone like me who tends to feel like I wear my food like I’m invisible (stole this idea from Sam but totally true) – but I really haven’t wanted anything today!! I’ll get more into that later when I tell you about my super market trip, but for now…

Work was uneventful – I had mashed potatoes, turkey, green beans and carrots for lunch, and pretzel chips with hummus for a snack. I got hungry around 5 but got busy and then all of a sudden it was 6pm! So I skipped my afternoon snack and just ate dinner – so today I skipped my mid day catalyst — oops!

That’s the beauty of this all though, it’s not a huge deal that I messed up a little today, just do it right tomorrow! 

So, this isn’t challenge related but this IS called “PUGS and push-ups” right?! So I have some news about Charlie!  


He’s going to get a dental on Thursday with Dr. Mary Buelow and then go to surgery with Dr. Bonczynski for a soft palate resection and nare surgery. His mouth is stinky and it’s been about two years since he had a dental, so it’s about time and since he’s going under anesthesia we figure it’s best to get his nose fixed and help him breathe since he’s really having trouble this year with the heat. Needless to say, even though I’m the one who wants to do this, and I’m the one who is paying for it and I’m the one who made the appointment, I’m freaking out! 

Want to know what’s cool about this challenge? It balances your body right!? So, that includes hormones and nutrients so my body is in balance and usual stressors don’t bother me – so sure, I’m stressed out about Charlie and this elective surgery but I’m not eating everything in my house, because I don’t feel the need to! It’s so incredible how quickly ones body can start to feel good once you stop putting crap in it and start supplementing with nutrients you wouldn’t otherwise get! 

For dinner I had chicken, sweet potatoes and green beans and for my snack I had my yogurt with Muscle Gain – so yum!! 

I really cant stress how much I love how I feel and I can’t wait to share this with everyone I know!! 

  And on that note.. Here’s my latest post on my personal Instagram… Because I love what it says, I had to share…..


If you want to get going and change your body let me know!! I can help coach you through your 24 day challenge and beyond!  

If you want more info on the challenge, please email me at teamsuzrice@gmail.com or check out my website: www.advocare.com/140913642

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My favorite dry skin treatments for you and your pup!

Have you ever noticed in the winter your lips tend to get chapped, and your skin, in general, gets really dry? You may have also noticed that your dogs nose has become increasingly chapped as well? Some dog breeds are predisposed to dry noses – pugs are one of them, but boxers and bulldogs are other breeds who’s noses tend to get very dry and chapped!
Weather is not the only reason for dry skin though, sensitivities to plastic bowls can also cause your pup to have a dry/chapped nose. (Disclaimer: there are disorders of the skin that need veterinary dermatologist intervention. If you are concerned you should always bring your dog to your veterinarian).
For the purpose of this post, I will be talking about something called Nasodigital Hyperkeratosis. If you google it, you can find lots of icky pictures of dog noses and paw pads with crusts that are called keratin.
This keratin tends to accumulate on the edges of the paw pads and the top of the nose. My pug seems to get this condition a little more during the winter months – which is what prompted this post!

It is important to note that this is not a life-threatening condition, but who wants an ugly nose? Plus it can’t be comfortable!!

I’ve tried many products to give my Charlie a smooth nose and I have come up with two that seem to work the best! Nose Butter, Snout Soother, and Vaseline! Yes, Vaseline!
I’ve actually consulted with the dermatologist that works at my job and she has told me to use Vaseline because it’s the base to all of the nose butter-like products anyway. I’ll tell you, we put Vaseline on Charlie’s nose and two days later his crusties fell off and he had a smooth beautiful nose!! Try it! And let me know how it goes!!

Now, “what about me” you ask!? First off I’d like to point out that most people get dry skin in the winter – I work at an animal hospital so I feel like we tend to get dry and chapped quicker because of all of the hand washing. Some of the things I’ve found that work best for me:
Vaseline Lip butter! Omg it’s my favorite!! Nivea Lip butter is also great too for chapped lips. For chapped hands, palmers cocoa butter, raw Shea butter, I choose Udderly smooth udder cream, raw Shea butter, and Palmers cocoa butter!

The thing about dry skin is you really just need to be preemptive, take care of your skin and your pups nose/toes and you will both be rewarded with soft skin!

Thanks for stopping by!


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