Things I Love

These are some of the things that I love, the list is long, and not exclusive. For full disclosure – I am an independent distributor for AdvoCare. However, I wouldn’t be involved with the company if I didn’t totally believe in their products and values! Other than that, what you see here are simply things I love and I don’t get paid to endorse any of them (except AdvoCare if you buy something from the link below, but I’d much rather you check it out and contact me because … Well, discounts are much better than full price!) 

Below are some of the things I love! 


BarkBox – For our furry friends bark box

I love BarkBox! Every month you can surprise your (or someone else’s) fur babies with some yummy treats and fun toys! Keep their minds active and their bellies happy!




Flag Nor Fail

There’s no hiding the fact that I’m a HUGE fan of Dana Linn Bailey, Rob Bailey, and the whole Flag Nor Fail crew. Their work ethic is admirablelogo, and they truly are some of the realest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Even though DLB meets a LOT of people on a daily basis, she still makes time to speak with everyone.  I could only hope that one day I could be as humble and successful as these incredibly hard working people. Check out my blog posts for more on the Warhouse Gym camps.



I love that Advocare is a company who offers “world-class energy, weight-loss, nutrition, and sports performance products.” Advocare has a product for whatever fitness goals you have whether it be losing weight, gaining muscle, or simply wanting a happy tummy! The products are backed by informed choice, and have really changed the game in the wellness industry! As an independent distributor of AdvoCare I enjoy sharing the products with those I love and also enjoy sharing the business opportunity! I’d love to tell you more about it! Simply email me at if you’d like more info!! 


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