A new direction….

I’ve made the decision to use this blog as a way to document my continuing journey of health and fitness and all facets of it. I have spent countless amount of time trying to teach myself the newest and best way to become the best version of myself. With all of that time spent I’ve seen a lot of progress but I’ve also seen where I need work. I have a passion for both fitness and nutrition and I really want to hone in on my strengths while working on my weaknesses. My biggest weakness has been with my nutrition. My training is constantly changing and evolving to become more challenging and force myself to physically become more athletic, but my nutrition has been all over the place.
To start off this series of blogs I am going to begin by documenting 30 days of food and exercise. I’m doing this partially to keep myself accountable, and partially so that after 30 days I can visually see where I need to put my efforts and where I can stop worrying because it is under control. In the next 30 days I have only two real “test” days where I am going to be in an uncontrolled environment. December 6th I’m going to the Les Mills Body Pump AIM 1, and December 25th I will be going to my moms for Christmas dinner. I will bring my food and eat what is planned. I will go to the gym when I say I will and I will document it all.
December 1st will begin what I hope will be a recovery process – recovery from yo-yo diets, binge eating disorder, and in general just over complicating things. I hope to bring more videos of not only our workouts but also food preparation and healthy living things such as walking the dogs and enjoying life!

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